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Vafeadis: Better regulation of public transport through cooperation

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First session of the newly established Transport Council since the Minister took office

Βαφεαδης: Καλψτερη ρψθμισ&eta δημoσιων μεταφορoν μeσω συνεργ&alpha ;σiας

The cooperation with all relevant bodies will contribute to the better regulation of public transport and the upgrading of the quality of life of citizens, said on Friday the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Alexis Vafeadis, after the completion of the first session of the newly established Transport Council from assuming the duties of the Minister.

In his statements after the meeting, the Minister of Transport said that the Ministry's departments responsible for the matter, as well as representatives of the private and university sectors, brought together, as he said, private, academic and technical knowledge. with the presence of ETEK, in an effort to cooperate and exchange views for the better regulation of public transport, which will help to decongest the roads, reduce pollutants and ultimately improve the quality of life of citizens.

< p>“We look forward to a good and constructive cooperation of exchanging opinions and experiences and drawing up new strategies aimed at the implementation of projects that will bring results”, noted Mr. Vafeadis, while thanking all the participants in today's meeting.

< p>For his part, the General Secretary of the KEBE Marios Tsiakkis congratulated the Minister for his initiative to convene the council and added that there are indeed serious problems regarding the circulation and movement of citizens and businesses.

He also said that the most basic goals were discussed, with the chamber expressing its commitment to support this effort with suggestions, but also with expertise from experts, while he expressed the opinion that priority should be given to pressing problems, especially those who are suffering, as he said , the citizens in order for there to be solutions and for the citizens to feel the result of this effort, thus making them fellow travelers and supporters in the next steps.

“It is a complex and difficult issue, our success will will be judged by how effective we will be and how soon”, Mr. Tsiakkis concluded.

In turn, ETEK vice-president Andreas Theodotou thanked the Minister of Transport for his initiative and noted that traffic is a problem that afflicts each of us every day, adding that we should not forget at the same time the burden on the environment due to climate change.

“We are ready to help the Minister, together with the other agencies, the rest chambers, the universities, we are sure that we will intensify these meetings, especially in the first period, and we hope soon to have real results in this important problem”, Mr. Theodotou concluded.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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