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Valantis is shocked by the bullying he experienced as a child: “I am still afraid of getting fat”

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    ΣυγκλονΙζει ο &Beta ;αλαντης για το bullying που βΙωσε ως παιδ l: «Φοβaμαι μeχρι σorμερα να μην παχ yνω»

    “When I felt like I gained two kilos I might eat for three days” -“I avoided parties because I always felt disadvantaged”

    Valantis was invited on the ShowBiz podcast, “Winter Is Back” with journalist Charalambos Heimonas. Among other things, the beloved artist made an in-depth confession about the bullying he experienced in his childhood because he was overweight and how this affected him in his adult life.

    “I was quiet, but I also have the trigger. The quiet may have been because I was a fat kid. So I was the fringe kid. The terminology of bullying did not exist then. Then the children called “the fat one” and characterized by the defect they saw. I didn't have a great time. I couldn't have a girlfriend and experience teenage love because I was fat. I avoided children's parties because I always felt at a disadvantage, so I devoted myself to music,” Valantis initially said.

    “To this day I am afraid of getting fat, I try to keep myself thin. When I felt like I was gaining two kilos, I might have eaten for three days. […] I was down to very few kilos and everyone was telling me that I had lost too much weight, but I couldn't see it. I saw myself as having to lose,” he added elsewhere on the ShowBiz podcast.

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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