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Values and values in Cyprus and Europe

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Values and values in Cyprus and Europe

Every time we read about mass corruption such as those involving the sale of passports for investment, for example, we invoke, in order to keep the pretexts, the “crisis of values”. Which we then evaluate, in order to show the extent to which it is reflected in the ever-growing aversion of the citizen to the parties whose percentages are constantly decreasing, making them gradually and steadily into non-representative intermediaries among the ideological subsets of the community which organize and manage. We also claim that we are experiencing the weakening of the organizational model of our state, as it arose in the late 1970s, and the impossibility of reorganizing and comparing a new model of political and economic operation.

In fact, none of this can happen. Perhaps, there is no crisis of values and there has never been such since 1960. Do not exist because Cyprus did not consciously emerge as a state and as a state on the basis of a common, for all its citizens, system of values that everyone would like to protect. Hence it collapsed almost immediately and since then it suffers and poisons, acrobatic between existence and non-existence, seeking identity, direction, goals and purposes of existence.

So, without a common value system, there can be no value crisis. There is simply a pretense between trying to maximize any personal and individual benefit, whatever form, political or economic.

If things were different we would not sell passports, we would not launder with so much institutional tolerance so much black money, we would not massively serve so many controversial international clients, we would not take advantage of everything in front of us, only for a short life itself and to a very large extent temporary individual benefit. We do this because we are deeply and openly insecure because we came about by chance and our very existence was questioned from the beginning, first by ourselves and then by everyone else.

We believed that our accession to the European Union would help us escape the distortion of our short prehistory and provide us with a common set of values that would fill the gap, but unfortunately neither does the EU itself, despite what is being preached, common value system. It is pluralistic, tolerant, economically liberal, progressive and democratic, but these are not value legacies, but contextual characteristics. The distance of values between the four “corners” of Europe is huge.

That is why we have taken advantage of our European status, as many of our other partners have taken advantage of it for their own benefit. Where we overdid it, was that while most of our partners took advantage of their EU membership to strengthen any of their national positions based on the national value system that everyone has and wants to protect and promote to increase their chances of survival In any systemic context of the Union 's co – operative operation, we, precisely because we do not have a value system, have acted for a narrow and opportunistic individual benefit. Not even national or even state, because if we were really cut for our state, even without a common system of values governing it, we would be a little more proud than we are of being a Cypriot and European citizen, of any Greek, Turkish, We want to claim that he represents us, of Armenian, Maronite, Latin or other ethno-communal and ethno-religious origin.

So, before we continue the “conversation” about the crisis of values, let us first begin by discussing the need to create a common value system to know what we want to defend, serve and promote. Until we do, we will continue to do the same and sell each other to any third party who is interested in buying us to protect their own vested interests. And this is true far beyond the “scandal” of passports, since it touches the whole context of our lives inside and outside, since as the debtors are well aware, the real and sustainable collaborations and alliances, whether they concern people or their businesses or even and in the nation-states themselves they are made to defend first and foremost the common value systems between them and then any systems of interests.

Source: politis.com.cy

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