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Vangelis case: Why the investigators insisted on the suicide scenario (vid)

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Υπoθεση Βαγγ&lambda ;η: ΓιατΙ οι ανακριτΕς επΕμεναν σ&tau ;ο σεναριο της αυτοκτονiας (vid)

The lawyer, Ilias Stefanou, spoke to Protoselidos about the conclusion of the coroner in the death case of Vangelis Fragoulis in Limassol.

Specifically, he explained that "whenever there is a death, if it is the result of a criminal act, then an investigation follows and if it is found that someone is responsible for it, a prosecution takes place. If no such conclusion is reached, then a capital inquest is held. That is, it is the examination of the circumstances, so as to ensure through a decision of the coroner that there is no criminal act. In this case it was decided by the investigating authorities that there was no criminal act and the case was brought before the coroner, who, having performed an autopsy and heard testimony, has come to the conclusion that he cannot say beyond any reasonable doubt that there was no criminal act, therefore the case was returned to the investigative authorities for further investigation to identify and correct investigative mistakes made at the investigative stage».

When asked if it will be the same persons who will investigate the case again, the lawyer replied that « logic says that they will not be the same people, but that is a matter for the Attorney General and the investigative authorities.

He noted that “when investigators first see a case, they may form a perception that it's a suicide. If this happens, then the whole interrogation is not completed properly, because they have a certain perception that they are following and they are trying to prove what they have in mind. So at every investigative stage the investigators should keep the field open for any eventuality. From the beginning it was considered a suicide, the medical examiner did not go to the scene, the correct investigative actions were not carried out and therefore both the family and the death investigator were created despite many doubts as to whether it was suicide or a criminal act.

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