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“Varosha European Fenced-off City”: From the European Parliament, to the whole world…

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«Varosha European Fenced-off City»: Απτο Ε υρωκοιβολιο ολκληρο το ; κoσμο…

An excellent documentary that outlines and exposes the unacceptable regime that has determined the fate of a city and its inhabitants for 50 years, began its international journey from the European Parliament and Greece.< /p>

Varosia, an area of ​​the city of Famagusta, after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and the occupation of 37% of the Cypriot territory, remains isolated under a special military regime, fenced with barbed wire, under the threat and supervision of the Turkish army, the which prohibits the return to its legal residents, Greek Cypriots or Turkish Cypriots, as well as the entry of any other citizen. The city remains in ruins and has since been referred to as a Ghost Town.

«Varosha European Fenced-off City»: Απo τ&omicron ; Εωκοβοο ολληρο ον κoσμο…

This 40-minute film/documentary aims to inform and provoke that, paradoxically, in the territory of the European Union there is a place, a city where human rights are brutally violated at the expense of its legal residents, citizens of the European Union.

Historical records, new footage, interviews with prominent Varosians as well as European politicians and ordinary citizens, testimonies of objective observers, are unfolded in this documented documentary in order to bring back to the news the unacceptable and sadistic regime that rules the city and to point out that the responsibility is not attributed only to the invader but also to the indifference of the competent institutions and politicians of Europe.

«Varosha European Fenced-off City»: Απo το Ευ&rho ;ωοιολιεοληρο oσμο…

Recently, at the initiative of the Cypriot MEP Mr. Loukas Fourlas, the pioneer of this effort, Mr. Tonis Toumazis was hosted at the European Parliament where a screening of the documentary “Varosha European Fenced-off City” was organized before MEPs and other bodies. It was screened in Athens and Thessaloniki and was then shown by the Euronews channel. In addition, Euronews hosted in a special report on Varosia, an interview with Mr. Toumazis through which he brought to light the special status of Varosia and underlined that the international community should not only be informed in depth but also act for the performance of the legal rights of its citizens by exerting pressure on Turkey to lift the measures that prohibit their return and resettlement in their city.

Together with the contributors of the project, the group “Varosha International Initiative” and Green Olive Productions, we can all contribute in our own way by promoting the link: www.VaroshaEu.com

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