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Varosiot block on Mars

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Although indifferent in points, the fighting Anorthosis forced last year's champions to losses

Βαρωσιoτικο μπλoκο στον Α&rho ;η

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The match in Limassol between Ari and Anorthosis ended in a 1-1 draw, with the Limassol team missing a great opportunity to be in 2nd place and at the same time moving away from the top. Giannu Okka's team performed quite well against a difficult opponent and with a penalty goal by Guerrero in the 37th minute, they took a 1-0 lead. In the second half, Aris was better and equalized in the 67th minute with Modnor, but then he failed to score a second goal. In fact, the two teams finished the match with ten, due to Artymata being sent off in the 79th minute and Iago in the 87th minute. With this draw Aris rose to 61 points in 3rd place, being -5 from the top, while Anorthosis rose to 49 points in 6th place.

First half

In the first half, in the first minutes, Anorthosis entered better and managed to limit the opponent to a large extent from creating phases and threatening. It wasn't until the 10th minute that Anorthosis scored with Ferreira, but the phase was canceled for offside at the start.

Then Aris stepped up, who first threatened in the 13th minute with a shot by Begcson, but Arboleda collected the ball. In the 17th minute, a new phase was lost for the home team, with Savo in the area from close range shooting the ball wide.

Then Anorthosis responded with a huge phase, with a shot from Paroutis, at their height Artymatas alone in the area, made the save, Vana Alves saved, while after Castel's shot from outside the area he went out.

Aris went higher and looked for the goal, missing a great chance in the 32nd minute, Gomis shot from close inside the area, the ball went wide.

Two minutes against the flow of the match, Anorthosis won a penalty. with Paroutis from Nikolic's marking. Guerrero took over the execution and in the 37th minute he made it 1-0 for his team.

Later Aris tried to equalize and missed a huge chance with Savos in the 45th + 1th minute who made the close shot inside the area, but Arboleda made a great save. Nothing changed until the end of the first half and so Anorthosis went to the locker room with 1-0 in their favor.

2nd half

In the second half, as was logical, Aris came on strong with the aim of equalizing early and turning the tide against them.

In the 49th minute, a huge phase was lost for Aris , Mayabela opposite Arboleda made the play with the ball out. Four minutes later, Kakorin from very close with a header after a corner did not find the target either, missing a big chance.

Afterwards Anorthosis lost two phases with a minute in 57' and 58' with Kastel both times unable to find a target.

Then Aris stepped up enough and looked for the equalizing goal and he scored with Kakorin in the 60th minute, but it was disallowed for offside.

Spilewski's players did not give up and in the 67th minute, Montnor beat Arboleda with a header, making it 1-1 for his team.

After the equalizer he achieved, Aris was better and looked for the goal. On the other hand, Anorthosis was left with ten players due to the dismissal of Artimatas in the 79th minute.

Eight minutes later there was a direct red card for Aris and Iagos for hitting him in the face in a duel with Pereas.

In the last minutes Aris tried harder for the second goal, but he didn't succeed and thus the match ended in a 1-1 draw.


Mars: Vana, Kazoo, Bengchson (46' Kakorin), Brown (46' Szoke), Gomis (70' Spoliaric ), Iago, Mayabela (63' Semedo), Nikolic (46' Modnor), Savo, Brosson, Urosevic.

On the bench: Sofroniou, Zandro, Boaki, Kakorin, Spoliaric, Dimitriou, Aboubakar, Sane, Szoke, Modnor, Semedo, Sumanski

Recovery: Arboleda, Artimatas, Marmuk, Correa, Castel, Ferreira (70' Giuliou), Paroutis (58' Kiko), Antoniou (76' Kargas), Chrysostomou (58 'Wage), Correa, Guerrero (70' Perea).

On the bench: Pisias, Keraynos, Wage, Kargas, Makoun, Uaris, Kiko, Giuliou, Konstantinou, Perea.

Scorer: 67' Modnor/37' Guerrero

Rejections: 87' Iago/79' Artimatas

Referee: Fellas Konstantinos

VAR: Pajac Igor

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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