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Vassiliou: The beginning is being made for the modernization and upgrading of the POED

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Βασιλελου: Γλν εται η αρχor για εκσυγχρονισμo κ αι αναβαθμιση της ΠΟΕΔ

Today is a historic day, because it is the beginning to start the modernization and upgrading of the way of operation of the POED, said the President of the POED, Myria Vassiliou, at the KYPE for the Organization's statutory meetings.

Asked about the Pan-Cypriot Statutory Assembly of POED, Ms. Vassiliou said that today is the first day of the POED Pan-Cypriot Statutory Assembly, noting that in 16 centers operating Pan-Cypriot, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., all POED members were invited to exercise their right to vote, regarding the proposal that has filed by the Board of Directors of POED and which is supported by all the educational factions of POED.

He also mentioned that the voting will continue tomorrow, Wednesday, and will be completed on Thursday, December 15.

«As can be easily perceived, the consensus and unanimity of all factions to reach the resolution in question, with mutual concessions by all, give the message of the unity of the POED, but also of the common goals for the well-meaning interest of the members of the Organization”, he added.

In response to a related question, Ms. Vassiliou said that the changes proposed in the Resolution, "we consider as a Board of Directors that they will contribute to upgrading the way POED operates, with the aim of flexibility and efficiency".

"Furthermore, these changes will largely define the way the Organization will support and advocate for the Industry. For this reason, the presence of all members of the POED is considered very important, because an increased majority is needed so that the proposed changes can be approved”, he added.

In short, Ms. Vassiliou mentioned that some of the proposed changes concern the transformation of the 25-member Board of Directors into a 13-member Executive Board, the transformation of the term of office of the elected General Representatives from 3 years to 4 years and the application of simple proportionality in the election of the POED Bodies.

«As you understand, today is a historic day, because it is the beginning to begin the modernization and upgrading of the way the POED operates. Clearly, the road is still long, but as the leadership of POED, we make a commitment to the industry to complete all those procedures foreseen for the change of the statute, as soon as possible, he noted.

Concluding, Ms. Vassiliou said that "the goal of all of us is the modernization of the Organization, so that it meets the increased demands of modern trade unionism".

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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