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Vasso Alagianni: The composer of “Ah Greece” – “Farewell” by Charoula Alexiou “left”

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The composer, lyricist and sometimes singer Vasso Alagianni passed away, who has signed, musically and lyrically, a series of separate songs, with their own place in the domestic repertoire of modern times. Among them are “Aquarius” and “Ah Greece”.

These are some songs that are so loud, so different and at the same time so familiar. These are the songs that you have “used” in your own moments and they could talk about you and you.

Songs like “Tonight Silent” with the voice of Nikolas Papazoglou, in a strong (temporary or final) separation. Songs like “Ah Greece I Love You”, again with the voice of Papazoglou (coincidentally?), Which exorcise the situation and emphatically point out your division: you can love and hate someone or something that does you good and you know it at the same time , but also bad – and you know it too. Redeeming songs, like “Aquarius”, to remind you that, fortunately or unfortunately, “everything around changes and everything stays the same”, pushing you to celebrate it. Songs like “The Seagull”, to support you not to be afraid of the rain. Single songs. Songs separately. Rare songs.

“I am a lucky person, I had and still have strong experiences”

Speaking a few years ago on the “avopolis” website, Vasso Alagianni had said that he feels a very lucky person: “I would not like to experience any of the wonderful things again, as well as none of the difficult things I have experienced. I contain all my experiences: they flood my existence and shape it! So nothing needs to happen “again”. I am a lucky person, I have had and still have strong experiences. I would call them gifts. “

Mitropanos was repulsed

Elsewhere he had talked about the collaboration he would like to do and did not:” I would like to have a song sung by Dimitris Mitropanos, this wonderful singer, with the proud misery “.

Manolis Rasoulis and Nikos Papazoglou

Speaking about her collaborations with Manolis Rasoulis and Nikos Papazoglou, she had said: “Irreplaceable and of course unrepeatable. What could I say about Manolis? Such people are not compared and are not born every day. And what about Nikos, this charismatic, inspiring and charming creature, adored by all of us & # 8230; You know, it's very difficult for me to talk about them, because I loved them both so much. All I can do is sing our songs, in their absence.

The wonderful lyrics of Alkaios suited me and moved me a lot! However, I want to say that I have not been scared and I do not see any end. I am optimistic and, above all, I believe in young people with morals, inspiration and talent. A new circle opens, free from the “treasure hunt”, simply because there is no more treasure. This will bring back quality and continuity, but in a different way. There will always be an artistic spirit, there will always be creators and always, after a rain, the sun rises “.

Charoula's farewell

Haroula Alexiou through social media wanted to say goodbye to her with moving words.

“She quietly went to sleep

This woman who was so many things.


Who wrote songs

Who healed with Reiki

Who advised with self-knowledge

Who loved passion

who smoked a lot

who sewed

who knitted

who argued with us to wake up

who laughed like a baby

who sang

who traveled a lot

That filled us with gifts

Vasso Allagianni that I also sang with the lyrics of Rasoulis and hers in Zambetas as sung by so many others.

“Svarno”'s friend me and my master in Reiki

She quietly went to sleep to rest forever “, wrote Haroula Alexiou on her Instagram.

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Check out this Instagram post.

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Posted by Haris Alexiou (@haris_alexiou_official)


Glykeria's post

Vasso Alagianni says goodbye through her Instagram and Glykeria: “Vasso Allagianni is no longer with us & # 8230;


Fly high like & # 8220; the seagull & # 8221; of & # 8230; ».

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Check out this Instagram post.

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Post posted by Glykeria (@glykeria_official)

The “goodbye” of Christos Mastoras

Christos Mastoras also wanted to say his “goodbye” to Vasso Alagianni. “I wish I had time to meet you to tell you how much I admire you! I wish there was a way to remove my ego and to tell you honestly how great you were and will be! I feel sorry for myself and those singers you did not touch with your stick Vasso Allagianni “.

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Check out this Instagram post.

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This post was shared by Christos Mastoras (@xmastoras)

When Manolis Rasoulis wrote about Vasso Alagianni

Manolis Rasoulis had written about Vasso Alagianni in the fourth issue of Laiko Tragoudi magazine in 2003 in a note entitled “Vasso Allagianni – A Unique Case”.

“And because I am not him, I write as I know her, as I lived her as a woman, as a small storm, as a rare animal instinct, as fragile Chinese porcelain, as the ibex of Porto Rafti, as the daughter of Takis the fisherman, as daughter of Giorgia, like the mother of Pigi, like the one who loved me and loved me again, the golden hand, the aching, the self-betrayed, the rebetissa “.

” What are you looking for here? ” I told her spontaneously when I first met her in Porto Rafti because of Manos Loizos. As if she were out of touch with the whole environment. And it was and it was not.

It was overflowing with beauty and a thirst for life. Human, in pain, something from Frida Kahlo, something from the rebetes of the ports, something from the wild roses of the fields.

A little later, I spontaneously told her again: “Come to Athens, I will make you the first rebetissa composer”. We both took responsibility. Most of them had passed through the yard of her house. All the poets, the singers, the composers, the producers, all the cicadas in the big pines. She developed a delicate to deep friendship with Manos Loizos, whose house was next to hers. Her senses blossomed. Her origin had made her sensitive, earthy, transcendental, with passions and mistakes on the agenda. She had to come to Athens, to be forged, to process that gorgeous agrotomagia, to be healed from the narrow locality and the others, and to heal in turn the aura of those around her.

< p>Schoolgirl of Notis Mavroudis on guitar. “To play this pattern again, I told her while listening to something, a small theme that she had made, playing it like a ballad. “Let's play with a ball rhythm, let's say.” Play it. “Keep not stopping, say it's the couplet.” We both beat for two hours. As if we were one. And that's where “Lemon in Orange” came out. We laughed for two hours, he made an amazing meal, we were two others, we had moved on, it was another, he entered the song adventure. It was adventurous, it was enough for someone to tell her: do it. I was there but she was the one who blossomed, took over her, took over her a lot, almost leaving us behind to eat her powder. Gagan jackal. With her vulnerabilities, with damsels of raw pain and disposition to raise someone -me pi-chi- to the seventh heaven and from there to give him one, a tassel, screaming like an amazon, like a manna like a vengeance, like a winner. Although she knows that there is no winner and defeated, she found the zeibek's measure to express her nobility, her desperate independence, her normal narcissism.

She gave it to me and I gave it to her, she took it from me and I took it from her. He introduced me to Osho without really knowing what he was doing at the time. We went together and found him in India. But when the Master, chased by everyone, arrived in Crete for a while, Vasso was not there, she was with the indivisible making a record, discovering, as she says, his sensitive soul (note on the album cover of the production of the indivisible). This became her Achilles heel. Since then she has tried and is trying, capturing in therapeutic acts (she is a master of Reiki) and aesthetics (she writes herself and makes CDs with great songs) not forgetting – I hope it & # 8211; Osho's teaching: “you are what you are and not what you do”. Perhaps unprecedented for a woman to enter the fields of, say, men, and in fact with the proper displacement and respect for the code of the aesthetic ideology of rebetiko.

He did not do it to do something, to do something. If he did not do it, he would run away. Beware: I do not applaud her as a conscience. And if I were to call her a priestess, the term is under control. I do not write blurred, kneeling. I write with emotion and knowledge about a diamond that is still in shape, in self-processing. The important thing is that coal became a diamond. The remarkable thing is that Vasso does not forget her origin. Not even her first experiences, either bad or good. Misfortune and luck. Like roulette. From a young age, he met the other mistress, Kathryn, the daughter of the shipowner Gregory, who later became the fatal person since she was the foundation (student) of Osho, whom he introduced to Vasso through a leaflet, which Vasso later gave me, and I said : “That's him”. In '78 I had already released “Revenge of the Gypsy” and as we returned from India we released “EGG” we published Osho's “Hidden Harmony-Speeches on Heraclitus” and it became an ideological-aesthetic BAM. The hawkers and the whole army of the indivisible tried to feed it in all sorts of ways in Oblivion, but I made sure to get rid of them. Neither Jonah nor Pinocchio to fit the beast's men. What should they do to us when we said “We are entering Aquarius”, “Ah Greece in & # 8217; I love ».

As soon as we broke up and my sadomasochism reached its climax, I left with a nylon bag in New York, wrote her “If a love dies” crying, and I am shocked that she also wrote me one. Now he is where he is, and I hope he passes the dualisms and traps, the sirens and the rests. I know that she acts, that she produces, that around her a small crowd like a huge amoeba tries to have her own, that her gaze is fixed on the Himalayas but the rebet-creature from Porto Rafti breathes at the foot of the 7 heavens and makes the 9/8 to sigh and take human status.

We wrote a lot of songs, but because a lot happened they remained unrecorded. It is enough that our relationship took place and she sang and her ecstasy and agony came out and we accepted as it turned out that we would meet anyway. There was no case. Not one of the only cases. And the word “case” is both poor and miserable, even if we lived poor in basements, with flooded siphons and Security constantly behind us and around us. In our poppies, we continued fearlessly. For a few hours they knelt before us, I was loading her load, her body was aching, she was looking at me pleadingly. He was a beggar. I was, let's say, a leader. That's why I supposedly suffered more from the separation. I sang the song: “The man with the separation hurts more” and I made Paschalis Terzis say it after Petros Vaiopoulos had written the music, another also appreciated and invaluable. In any case, Vasso Svarno is an authentic child of modern Greece, the one who is cooked every day by her gigolos, but we are still here, we are still alive, if not as a rock band or as a respectable echo of our ancestors, but like us with the beautiful life and state, the relationship and the soul of living people who love life and understand death. Like the soul of a people that sings its original song, about immortality in the beloved “here and now”.

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