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Vespers of Love, a traditional table and the Lambria games in Paphos

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    The climax of the Easter holidays is on the Resurrection day of Lambri which is traditionally observed in the Paphos district with the vesper of love, the ancestral table and the lambriatika games

    The scholar of the tradition Anna Tselepou told KYPE that around 11 in the morning of Lambri in the churches of our country the vespers of love takes place where the Holy Gospel will be read in many languages ​​and in this way the hope and love that brings first the crucifixion and then the resurrection of Christ.

    At the noon of Lambri in every home in Cyprus, the traditional Easter table will be laid with meats, usually lamb on spits, grilled meats in wood-fired ovens, koupia and baked macaroni. Yeasted breads, flaunas and paskies. The red eggs.

    Besides, as usual, said Mrs. Tselepou, on Sunday afternoon in the courtyards of the churches and in the squares of the villages of Pafos and Cyprus in general, the ” Lambriatic games ” and they will expect the villagers to attend and have fun. The young men and women in their festive clothes have their due.

    As for the most typical game of Lampris in many villages of the Pafos district, he noted, it is the ” digimin” which comes from the word “to try”.

    It is a large heavy stone that the young men try to lift up and hold it up for as long as possible. This is exactly where the strongest of the village will emerge, he added.

    But well-known games are, Ms. Tselepou continued, the zyziros, the triappithkia, the queen, the sitzia, the sack races, the donkey races and of course the souses with the well-known song ” oh my god, let the Brights be hanged, let the suses jiai be filled with black-eyed gums”.

    As Mrs. Tselepou mentioned, today is Easter Sunday and the Paphos, as well as the Cypriot people in general, celebrate with splendor, since the day of Bright in Cyprus is a day of joy and reconciliation, peace and love. It is the victory of life over death through the person of the God-man. It is exactly what they are waiting for to happen in our homeland and for the liberation of our enslaved lands, tradition scholar Anna Tselepou told KYPE.

    “The scrambling of red eggs”

    One of the customs of Geroskipou in Paphos District is the clucking of red eggs. The custom has become an institution and is repeated at noon on Bright Sunday today, outside the church of Agia Paraskevi in ​​Geroskipou. Citizens of Geroskipou, locals and foreign visitors, gather outside the church of Agia Paraskevi and chow down on reds offered by the Local Authority while exchanging wishes.

    In Geroskipou, as in other areas, Easter games are followed by egg races, Bag races and Dijimin. The events in Geroskipou on the day of Bright include an artistic program with the participation of the choir and the dance group of the Folklore Club “Aphrodite” as well as the “Theatrical Workshop of Geroskipou” with the one-act play, “The Teacher” in Geroskipou Square.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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