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Vicky Hatzivasiliou: I want to do television only if it fills my soul

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    ΒΙκυ Χατζηβασι λεω κλεαση ;ηερσηγειτν ;υχor μου

    So that the souls of the viewers are also full, because I primarily respect them, he added

    Vicky Hatzivasiliou spoke about her abstinence from television and the proposals he accepted, answering the question of whether he would ever return.

    “I never picked up any phone. I don't do it, I don't do it,” she initially said about whether she approached people in order to work in the television field again.

    Then, she emphasized that it is important for her to feel good herself and the her viewers with the projects she undertakes and not to do them just to be on TV.

    In detail, she stated: “I don't do public relations, I don't like them. I find myself so real that I can't sit down and work on something called “public relations''. This annoys me. I accepted proposals, we discussed, etc. It wasn't meant to be, it wasn't the way I wanted it. I have no qualms about doing television for the sake of doing television. I only want to do TV in case I do something that fills my soul and that hasn't come yet. If it comes, of course I will do it, so that the souls of the viewers are also full, because above all I respect them. I can't do something, to say that I do or get paid or go on the air. I have no such woes. I said this before, when I was at the top, and I mean it. This is the difference that I mean all this”.

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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