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Victim cousin: They would fill the sprayer and leave

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Victim cousin: They would fill the sprayer and leave

We met yesterday on the steep mountain slopes of the small road, the silent mourning of the economic immigrant, who even when his friends are unjustly lost in work abroad, is obliged to go to work, to pursue a living wage and at the same time to mourn. The tears of the Egyptian workers in the tomato plantations and other vegetable plantations of the time, mixed with the sweat and the ashes from the apocalypses and became even more medicinal. Mute and stooped, apparently mourning, the cousin of one of Saturday's victims and some of their compatriots spoke to us with difficulty. For the seven minor orphans and the four families in Egypt, whose deadly fire last Saturday took the most valuable thing they had, their protectors.

Mourning for Aizat Salamas 36 years old, father of three minor children, eight, seven years old and one younger. He had been working in Cyprus as an economic immigrant for the last four years, and his compatriots were not sure if all this time he had gone to see them even once, together with his wife.

Mourning for Marzok Marzou, 36, father of four minor children. With their photos he slept, with them he woke up and talked about everything. He has been working in Cyprus for the last five years so that they do not miss anything. “He even talked to me and showed me the photos of his children proudly”, confessed yesterday his employer Christos Konstantinos.

Mourning also for Nabip Nabil Magett, 24, and Eliza Barouk, 25, both in Cyprus and Odos for the past year. They did not have their own family according to their compatriots.

“But they had parents, brothers who were waiting for them. “And they sent their daily wages to Egypt to help them, but also to be able one day to do something good for themselves in their country, when they would return.”

According to Marzou's cousin who works on the Road, some Egyptians and the four who were burned in the fire, like him, had spoken to each other. “And the four of them had been told that they would leave the place where they lived and worked, as soon as they filled with water the sprayer that was placed in the frame of the double cabin that they used for the movements. “But then no one knows what happened.” According to the Egyptians, the last telephone contacts with them are estimated to have taken place between 4.00 and 5.00 in the afternoon.

Economic migrants from Egypt told us that some would like to accompany the bodies of their compatriots back to Egypt. And they called on the Government, or the Cypriot people, to help financially in this direction.

What their employer says about the tragedy

According to Christakis Konstantinou, a farmer and employer of the four Egyptians, he was sleeping in his house on Saturday afternoon, but woke up when the electricity was cut off and the ventilator stopped. Leaving his house he saw smoke in the sky, from the side of Arakapas. He heard a villager say that they would go with sprinklers to put out the fire. Then he called his workers and changed their schedule. “They would go downstairs to cut tomatoes, but he told them not to go and wait where they were.” Then he went out and found that the villagers were upset. “Then he called them again, told them that the sprayer was on the car and told them to put 500 liters of water and go to the village.” Then the inhabitants of Odos were called to leave the village and he and his family followed the others who went to the village of Farmakas.

Mr. Christakis Konstantinou in his statements to the media stated that he did not remember what time it was, but while he was heading to Farmakas he kept calling the four Egyptians and at one point one of them answered him, “we are leaving the estate now”. He replied “be careful on the road. If you see a fire, leave the car and run. ” Then, said Mr. Konstantinou, he called his four employees, but they did not answer their phones.

source: Φilenews

Source: 24h.com.cy

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