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Victorious finale for AEL… “golden shoe” for Katsantoni – Ilias

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In the last match of the season, AEL beat Karmiotissa at home (4-3)

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<p><strong>The last game for the two teams in the year ended 4-3 with an upset for AEL against Karmiotissa at “Alfamega Stadium”.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Doubia opened the scoring in (23' ) while Mintsev turned the game around for AEL with two headers in (27') and (32') while Mendojevic scored the third goal in (66') with a very nice direct execution. 4-1 was scored by Moreira in (74') with a shot from outside the area, while Rossi temporarily reduced the score to 4-2 with a header in (82') for Katsantonis to arrive with a penalty kick in (95') to shape the final 4 -3.</strong></p>
<p><strong>It should be noted that both teams had a goal with AEL in the 3rd minute with Mintsev while Karmiotissa in the 17th minute with Dubia.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Thus they completed their obligations for the new season.</strong></p>
<p><strong>A half:</strong></p>
<p>The first half started as expected with AEL in possession.</p>
<p >Only in the 3rd minute did AEL have a goal, after a shot by Minchev that took a strange trajectory and stopped on the crossbar of Violaris.</p>
<p>The first 15 minutes belonged to AEL who missed a double chance in the 13th minute. First with a shot from outside the area by Silvestro and a save by Violaris and in the throw-in Themistokleous missed from a favorable spot</p>
<p>First threat from Karmiotissa by Michael two minutes later, but Kyriakou sent for a corner and then of the phase had a beam with Dubya.</p>
<p>Karmiotissa kept the ball more in the following minutes but failed to threaten AEL with a good phase with an excellent shot by Themistokleos but the ball went just wide in the 22nd minute.</p>
<p>In the next phase, however, a minute then Karmiotissa opened the scoring with Dubia. From outside the area, he unleashed a shot that, after coming against De Lucas, the ball ended up in the net of Kyriakos.</p>
<p>An immediate response for the home team in the 27th minute, after a corner kick and Franzis' headed assist to the back, Minchev equalized from close range. </p>
<p>This result also lasted five minutes after AEL managed to turn the tables after Makris' ball from the right and with a nailed header, Mintsev turned the game around in the 32nd minute.</p>
<p>The most dangerous player of the visitors was Dubia. He threatened again but Kyriakou sent his foot to a corner in the 34th minute.</p>
<p>Weslati had a new phase for Karmiotissa but his shot ended up hitting Kyriakou in the 39th minute.</p>
<p> This was also the last phase in the first half with both teams remaining at 2-1.</p>
<p><strong>B half:</strong></p>
<p>The second half also started strongly. First phase and first shot in the second half by Theodorou for Karmiotissa after a personal effort from the left and the ball ended up on Kyriakos.</p>
<p>On the other hand AEL threatened in the 55th minute with Papafotis with a long shot shot, missed.</p>
<p>Karmiotissa also had a great moment with Katsantonis from the penalty spot who sent the ball over Kyriakos' goal in the 61st minute.</p>
<p>However, he missed the opportunity before for the guests to equalize and with a direct free kick in the 66th minute, AEL scored from Mendojevic and made it 3-1. </p>
<p>The rhythm then dropped with AEL in the next phase he created, he scored! With an excellent shot by Moreira from outside the area, he beat Violaris and made it 4-1 in the 76th minute.</p>
<p>Two minutes later Frantzis cleared Malone's header on the line.</p>
<p>Finally, Karmiotissa managed to reduce the score with Rossi in the 82nd minute. After a corner kick, he attempted a header all alone and beat Kyriakou to make it 4-2.</p>
<p>Mintsev was close to a hat-trick, with a header from Franzis' cross in the 86th minute, the ball went wide but just outside.</p>
<p>The final score was formed by Katsantonis who equaled Mario Ilias on 19 goals with a penalty kick at 90+5 and wrote the final 4-3.</p>
<p>With this the way the final result was formed for what two teams.</p>
<p><strong>THE IDENTITY OF THE MATCH:</strong></p>
<p><strong>AEL: Kyriakou, Frantzis, Papafotis, Srds (Ka 58'), Silvestros (Genethliou 79'), Mintsev, De Loukas, Makris(Christodoulou 79'), Zacharias(Mentojevic 58'), Cano, Themistokleous(Moreira 65').</strong></p>
<p>On the bench: Anestis, Mentojevic, Mendoza, Moreira, Mars, Kolias , Tzalma, Christodoulou, Sergiou, Ka, Genethliou and Panagi.</p>
<p><strong>Karmiotissa: Violaris, Malone, Dubia, Michael (Rossi 60'), Pantelis, Grandinarou, Gribakin (Theodorou 46'), Katsantonis . Spanos, Euripidou, Matthaiou,, Aristidou, Psychas.</p>
<p>Scorers: Mintsev 27' 32', Mendojevic 66', Moreira 74'/Dubia 23', Rossi 82', Katsantonis 94'</p>
<p> < p>Yellows: De Lucas, Kyriakou/Weslati, Dubia, Psychas</p>
<p>Dismissals: -/-</p>
<p>Referee: Christou Konstantinos</p>
<p>VAR: Allagiotou Ioanna< /p><br />
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