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VIDEO: Biden “lost” again, didn't know where to stand next to Abdullah

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He even managed to confuse even the Jordanian king

Another incident that shows US President Joe Biden confused and unsure has given his opponents fodder to question his ability to govern.

Biden, during Jordanian King Abdullah's remarks after the meeting on Monday, he appeared to be walking here and there, as if he did not know where to stand.

Watch the video of the event (after 09:30):

Finally he chose to stand to the left of Abdullah and in front of the Jordanian flag.

He even managed to confuse the king who looked for him with his gaze. “I switched sides,” Biden said before taking a seat on the left.

The incident comes days after a special counsel report found classified documents in Biden's office without justifying their existence.< /p>

Robert Hurr, who spoke with Biden about the drafting of the report, described him as “an elderly man with a weak memory”.

In any case, however, incidents like this one in the White House and those reported the report gives Republicans arguments to mock Biden.

Overwhelmingly, the public in the US believes that at 81, Trump is too old to be president. 86% say this about Biden and 62% about the 77-year-old Trump.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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