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VIDEO: Severe weather and power outages in Nicosia and Limassol

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<p data-block-key=Rainy weather conditions on Easter Sunday, as severe weather phenomena occurred in several areas of Cyprus.

A yellow warning for severe thunderstorms and hail is in effect from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

The severe weather caused damage to the EAC network in some areas in Nicosia and Limassol,

Specifically, Gerakies in the province of Nicosia are without electricity, while in the province of Limassol the villages of Arsos, Mandria, Omodos, Pera Pedi and Vasa Koilani were affected.

Recommendations of Civil Defense

The Civil Defense Force, following a relevant announcement issued by the Department of Meteorology, regarding isolated strong storms that are expected to affect the region, initially the west and gradually the rest of the regions, is making a series of recommendations to the public, with the aim of preventing and proper preparation to minimize risks and negative consequences.

Specifically, he urges the public to make sure that the wells outside the home or workplace are not blocked and that the drains are working properly.

He notes that if someone has a basement in a vulnerable area with a risk of flooding, to proceed with the excavation of a special water accumulation pit and installation of an automatic water pump. At the same time, he calls on the public to remove valuable objects or expensive equipment from the underground.

It also invites the public, if they live on a plot with a yard, to leave, where possible, free soil for the earth to absorb water, to secure objects that are likely to be washed away by the water and moved (eg tanks, water heaters, etc.), repair any openings in fence walls and prepare sandbags to prevent water from entering properties if they are located in an area at risk of flooding.

Also, in case the public is informed about the occurrence of heavy rainfall, such as to limit their movements and to avoid working and staying in underground spaces.

During the of flooding, calls on the public if they are inside a building to leave underground spaces and move to safe high ground.

If they are in an open area such as not to cross a flooded road on foot or by car/bicycle/motorcycle, to change direction, if they are on a flooded road, to leave the car if it is stopped, as it may be swept away or flooded and stay away from power lines while staying away from landslide-prone areas.

Also, after the flood if they are in an open space such as staying away from areas that have flooded or are at risk of flooding in the next few hours as the flood may have changed the characteristics of familiar areas, there are risks from broken pavements and dangerously sloping areas, and the waters may be contaminated if they have carried various kinds of objects or even animals with them.

The public is urged not to obstruct rescue crews and not to use seriously the phone.

Also, before recovery procedures begin, he urges the public to be aware that flood hazards do not subside immediately after the waters recede and to turn off power and water supply switches.

Regarding self-protection measures from tornadoes, Civil Defense urges if someone is at home to remove from the yard of the house objects that can be moved by the tornado and secure those that are not secured, to close the doors and windows, but leave open the internal glass shutters, to quickly equalize the internal and external atmospheric pressure and to get away from objects that can be moved and glass that may break.

Also, if they are in the countryside to follow the path of the tornado if possible, to move away as quickly as possible from the points it will pass, staying away from objects that can move and hit you.

Finally, he notes that if they cannot move away from the path of the tornado in time, such as lying face down in a hollow, protecting the head with the hands so as not to be hit by objects that can be moved or trees that may be uprooted.

The weather forecast

Low pressure affects the area. Today, Easter Sunday, the weather will be mostly cloudy, while local rains and isolated storms are expected, initially in the west and in the north and progressively in the rest of the island. In a storm, hail is also expected, while winds may change and strengthen. From late afternoon onwards, a gradual improvement in the weather is expected. Winds will be southwest to northwest, initially light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort and gradually moderate to strong and transiently strong, 4 to 5 Beaufort. The sea will be generally rough and transient in the south, west and north, to rough. The temperature will rise to around 24 degrees in the interior, around 22 on the coasts and around 12 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight, locally increased clouds will be observed at intervals, which in areas to the north and possibly inland, may give isolated showers, without excluding the occurrence of an isolated storm. Winds will shift mostly northwest to northeast, light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will initially be generally rough, however gradually, it will become slightly rough to rough. The temperature will drop to around 12 degrees inland, around 16 on the west and north coasts, around 15 on the south and east coasts and 5 degrees in the higher mountains.

On Easter Monday, the weather will initially be mostly clear, however, locally increased clouds will gradually develop, which are expected to give isolated rain and possible and isolated storm, mainly in areas in the west, in the mountains but also in the south.

On Easter Tuesday, the weather will be mostly clear. On Wednesday, the weather will be mostly clear with temporarily increased high clouds.

The temperature until Wednesday will gradually rise, to hover just above the average climatic values ​​of the season.

*Video from the page “KAIROPHILOS OF CYPRUS”

Source: reporter.com.cy

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