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VIDEO: The moment hooligans throw Molotov cocktails and torches at agency patrons (pics)

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ΒΙΝΤΕΟ: Η σ&tau ;ιγμor που χοyλιγκαν ρiχνουν μολότ οφ και πυρσοyς σε θαμoνες πρακτο ρεiου (pics)

Video of the attack by hooded men on a betting agency near Tsirei – Molotov cocktails were thrown outside, and torches inside the building – Patrons who ran to escape were at risk – Watch video

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What unfortunately unfolded on Sunday night inside and outside the Tsirei stadium, where the Apollon-AEL football match was to be held, is making the rounds on the internet , with citizens condemning the action of hooligans who have once again tarnished the sport.

Molotov cocktails, firecrackers, stone pelting, fires by fans and the use of tear gas by the police trying to enforce order.

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Account of the serious incidents the injury of a member of the force by throwing a molotov, damage on and off the field, broken storefronts and vehicles, as well as burnt rubbish bins.

In a video secured and published by the Cyprus Times, the moment when the hooded men threw Molotov cocktails and torches inside a betting agency adjacent to the Tsirio stadium. Remarkably, inside the agency there were patrons running to escape from furious fans. The store's awning was burnt by the Molotov cocktails, while torches fell inside the building, causing damage.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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