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Vitamin D: Those at risk of deficiency

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Vitamin D: Those at risk of deficiency

Vitamin D belongs to the category of fat-soluble vitamins and is the most important nutrient for regulating calcium levels in the blood and developing and maintaining bone health.

However, its role extends beyond skeletal health. It contributes, among other things, to the strengthening of the immune system and to the prevention of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, various forms of cancer and certain autoimmune diseases.

Research has shown that vitamin D deficiency is associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system (eg osteoporosis in adults, rickets in children) and the cardiovascular system, as well as the occurrence of cancer, dementia and autoimmune diseases (e.g. ).

Vitamin D is synthesized by the skin during our exposure to sunlight.

Some groups are more at risk of developing a deficiency of this vitamin.

See which ones are in the pictures below:

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