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Vocational Education and Training with free attendance at the MIEEK of the Ministry of Education

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Vocational Education and Training with free attendance at the MIEEK of the Ministry of Education

In today's competitive age, people need to be equipped with skills and abilities, from basic skills such as literacy, numeracy and professional or technical skills , to transversal skills such as problem solving, critical thinking development. and digital skills.

Vocational education and training ensures the integration or enhancement of the competitiveness of individuals in the labor market, helping them to acquire or upgrade their knowledge, skills and professional or technical skills, with which they must be equipped for personal integration and development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment. In addition, technical and vocational education and training ensures the acquisition of the necessary qualifications, such as general knowledge, self-knowledge and self-esteem, with the aim of either transitioning or advancing into active professional life.

Those who wish to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities based on the modern needs of the labor market or those who wish to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities for the purpose of their professional development, can study for free at the Public School of Higher Vocational Education and Training – MIEEK of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.

MIEEK comes to fill the gap left by the closure of the Cyprus Higher Technological Institute (ATI) until today, offering high quality and level study programs, which lead to the acquisition of a certified and recognized Higher Education Diploma. MIEEK schools operate in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos, and are housed in the premises of the Technical and Vocational Schools of Education and Training of each province, where there is the infrastructure and the modern specialized laboratories.

Why in MIEEK

  • High quality college-level education and training programs in developing sectors
  • Demand-based study programs in the labor market
  • Providing opportunities for acquiring, improving or upgrading professional qualifications
  • Initial, complementary and continuing lifelong learning
  • Recognized higher education
  • Free tuition
  • No age limit
  • Right to student sponsorship
  • Lessons in the afternoon
  • Possibility for distance education
  • Greek is the language of instruction.


The Study Programs that will be offered during the Academic Year 2021-22 are the following:

  • Bakery pastry
  • Dairy – Cheese
  • Culinary Arts
  • Catering Arts
  • Organic Horticultural Crops
  • Computer and Communication Networks
  • Purchasing and Procurement Management – Shipping
  • Electromechanical – Refrigeration Installations in Industry
  • Industrial and Home Automation
  • CNC Technology – Carpentry Industry

Who are they for?
The programs are addressed to:

  • Graduates of Secondary and Higher Education.
  • People who want to upgrade their professional qualifications for professional adaptability and advancement.
  • Individuals wishing to obtain a recognized Higher Education Diploma.
  • People without pre-existing vocational education or training who wish to make a change in their professional career, with the aim of finding a job easily.

At the same time, companies and organizations are given the opportunity to propose to their human resources to study at MIEEK, with the aim of upgrading their knowledge, skills and abilities and at the same time increasing their efficiency, competitiveness and productivity.

Equal educational opportunities

The commitment of the MIEEK Public School is the continuous expansion of the Curricula and the provision of equal opportunities in terms of access to knowledge, education and training at a higher level. With the triptych knowledge – training – work, the MIEEK is the bridge between post – secondary education, work and continuing training.

They focus on meeting the needs of graduates or employees who need appropriate vocational education and training, facilitating their access and integration into the labor market. Finally, the MIEEK Programs contribute to the promotion of Lifelong Learning, with an emphasis on the training of the workforce and its adaptation to the use of new technologies and modern production processes.

More information about the Study Programs can be found on the MIEEK Website at www.mieek.ac.cy or at 22 800651/22800652/22800653

The MIEEK Public School is a project co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Republic of Cyprus and implements the continuous relationship of the European citizen with the field of education and training, which is part of the European Policy.

Source: politis.com.cy

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