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Voice of Cypriots: Six conclusions on the current situation in the Cyprus issue

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Voice of Cypriots: Six conclusions on the current situation in the Cyprus issue

According to an announcement by the Voice of Cyprus, an online meeting was held, during which the current situation regarding the Cyprus issue was examined.

What the Voice of Cyprus states in its announcement:

The Voice of Cyprus in an online meeting on December 30, 2020 and examined the current situation related to the Cyprus issue and concluded as follows:

  1. Today we are living the worst impasse in the efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem. The change of approach expressed by Turkey and Ersin Tatar by putting on the negotiating table a proposal for a “two-state solution” and the aggressive moves regarding the “opening” of Famagusta / Varosia undermine the path to peace and reconciliation. Similar ideas were spread by Nikos Anastasiadis and created uncertainty and confusion. The “two-state” solution is impossible as it contradicts Security Council resolutions and the framework set by the UN Secretary-General runs counter to the will of the Cypriots, and has no prospect of being recognized by the international community or the EU. nor the UN. It is therefore clear that those who support such proposals do so regularly to maintain the stalemate and division that serves their own political goals. With these data, it is the responsibility of the Cypriot people to convey and convince the UN, the EU and all the forces involved that the majority of Cypriots support the Bi-Zone Bi-Community Federation as an agreed settlement and to ask Antonio Guterres for a more active effort to start of the “five-member plus one” international conference to promote a solution to the Cyprus problem.
  2. Political equality is a fundamental human right that can be the basis for the distribution of power in a federal state where the consolidation of Cypriot citizenship by all Cypriots will ensure the rule of law. The agreement on a permanent settlement of the Cyprus problem must be based on the principles set out in clear language in the framework set by the UN Secretary-General in Crans Montana. The framework is a powerful tool for combining the convergences reached in the negotiation process with UN resolutions and previous summit agreements reached in a specific agreement that will lead to a Bi-zonal Bicommunal Federation for its unification. Of Cyprus.
  3. The Voice of the Cypriots calls on the Government of the Republic of Cyprus not to link its strategic decisions with the political tactics of Tatar and to join unilaterally with tangible indications of the unconditional acceptance of the Guterres framework and those already agreed at the Berlin Meeting as a strategic agreement. the solution of the Cyprus problem that ensures political equality, security of life and property and respect for the cultural identity of every Cypriot. The Government of the Republic must and can undertake an aggressive peace campaign and implement measures that will promote confidence among the Cypriots, such as: (a) Reopening of roadblocks with hygiene rules to be set by the competent technical committee, (b) Distribution of vaccines obtained through EU channels and the return of the share corresponds to the Cypriot citizens in the north through a mechanism that can be urgently set up by the competent technical committee, (c) Mobilizing justice procedures that will expose known criminals to the slaughter Aloe-Maratha-Santalari, thus laying the foundations for recognizing the atrocities of both sides in the past. preventing their future recurrence.
  4. The policy of the Republic of Cyprus for the offshore exploitation of potential reserves of natural gas and other fossil fuels has proved to be an illusion. The tripartite alliances with neighboring countries provoked chaotic reactions from Turkey and brought about a competitive participation of the international capital. The Voice of Cyprus demands an urgent change in this policy and the establishment of politically correct relations for peace and reconciliation with all neighboring nations.
  5. The culture of mass mobilization of the Turkish Cypriots is incomparably more effective than the culture of calm tolerance observed in Greek Cypriot society and is an obstacle to joint simultaneous political demonstrations. The Voice of Cyprus consults in order to identify actions that can be taken on different channels, such as webinars, social media campaigns, calls to targeted recipients for the purpose of disseminating announcements, connecting with other bi-communal groups and encouraging citizen participation. joint struggle for a peaceful permanent settlement of the Cyprus problem.
  6. The Voice of Cyprus calls on all groups and initiatives working for the reunification of Cyprus to combine efforts to form a Citizens' Assembly consisting of activists and personalities from all communities, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latinos with from Greece, Turkey, Britain and other EU countries. The Convention could discuss and promote action strategies that can be implemented under the current restrictive conditions, e.g. online meetings of people, demonstrations, multifaceted publicity with the aim of the evolutionary development of a strong Cypriot federal culture in all aspects of a future society that can coexist equally within the European Union and the world.

The spirit of Cypriot citizenship that includes and concerns all Cypriots is a key that can lead to the lasting supremacy of peace, reconciliation and prosperity of Cypriots in their common homeland.

Source: politis.com.cy

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