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Volcano “awakened” in Ecuador – Ejects ash to a height of three kilometers

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Volcanic ash spews from Shanghai, a volcano in central Ecuador covering four communities in the region. 

Some 400,000 inhabitants live in these four communities.

The ash cloud, which reached an altitude of three kilometers, is moving towards “provinces west of the volcano”.


According to the media, powerful volcanic eruptions were heard in five provinces around Shanghai and even in the capital Quito, speaking of “unusual” activity at the volcano, with up to 15 eruptions per minute for about 19 hours.

< p>Visual footage broadcast by media shows cars covered in volcanic ash and farmers clearing their crops.

The volcano, located 195 kilometers from the capital Quito, is in a state of continuous, albeit low, activity. activity since 1628 according to the geophysical institute.

Like the Sierra Negra and Chiles-Cerro Negro, two other volcanoes, Shanghai remained on yellow alert despite the increase in activity, while the neighboring Reventador was on orange alert.

The activity of Shanghai, located in a national park, does not generally attract attention because it rarely affects populated areas, unlike another volcano, Tungurawa, on whose slopes communities.

Ecuador is located in an area with high seismic activity while hosting over 100 volcanoes.

source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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