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Volt: Unleash the Future!

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Volt: Ξεαστε μελ&lambda ;ον!

If I were to assess my experience of the pre-election campaign for the European elections today, I would say that the thread of one concern seems to unite every discussion: what will happen to the future of the country?

This concern appears under many names: lack of housing, closed professional horizons, uncertainty about the Cyprus issue, rupture of social ties, worsening inequalities, unstable geopolitical environment. To enumerate them could cover the entire length of this article.

The need to answer these concerns and the aversion to convenient privacy has driven us to this joint effort, which requires effort, effort and material means. . We created Volt Cyprus, motivated by love for Cyprus, commitment to its European orientation and faith in its people.

Volt: Ξελασπoστε το μeλλον!

We aspire to give breath to those who are suffocating in political and social barriers, to those who do not fit into the current patterns, to those who wonder “what are we doing in the night of others?”  This is why we are heading to the European elections, with a ballot that encapsulates a series of characteristics that no others have: a progressive social agenda, ecological stigma, bi-communal character, authentic Europeanism and gender equality.

We are part of a pan-European effort, since similar formations are active on the European continent. Already, Volt has ballots in 15 EU countries and a political presence in 31 European states. We have a common political programme, with costed proposals for all pillars of EU action. Within these frameworks we have come up with 10 political priorities which include securing the EU's technological edge, restructuring education, reforming the state, dealing with the climate crisis, strengthening the rule of law, supporting vulnerable groups and fighting all kinds of inequalities.

Sometimes, I am faced with the question of why one should vote for a new party. It's a reasonable question, fueled by the lost vote argument. I believe that the Volt is a political choice that frees those who have voted until now with the logic of “not the best”.  We want our presence in political affairs to create real political competition and shake the other parties out of their lethargic automatism. Above all, we aspire to voice those who are indifferent and disillusioned, and to surprise those who believe that politics is a fixed game where everyone is the same.

Our starting point is a new Europeanism: the one that stands critical of the inaction and institutional paralysis of the EU on important issues, precisely because it wants the deepening of the European project. And who does not exhaust himself in criticism, but brings proposals for Cyprus and the EU. How is it possible? Firstly, by deepening the operation of the European Parliament, giving it two important powers: (a) to propose legislative initiatives itself, just as the members of the national parliaments do and (b) to have a primary role of control and accountability towards the European Commission.   These two powers will strengthen the democratic functioning of the EU and renew the sluggish relationship of citizens with their representatives in it.

On June 9 we go down with a strong ballot, with confidence, with courage, with the boldness of the newcomer, the joy of the new. We ask for your assistance, support and vote, because only together can we succeed in unleashing the future!

Nicolas Kyriakou is a candidate for MEP with Volt em>.

Source: www.philenews.com

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