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VTT Vasiliko Ltd. is constantly next to the residents and students of the Mari-Zygiou communities

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Σταθ&epsilon ;ρα δΙπλα στους κατοΙκους και του ς μαθητeς των κοινοτorτων Μαρi – Ζ&upsilon ;γiου η VTT Vasiliko Ltd

VTT Vasiliko Ltd (VTTV) stands as a timeless helper of society and proves it in practice by embracing the local Mari communities at every opportunity – Zygiou where it is active, supporting the residents of the area in many ways and through targeted actions.

As part of the support program for the neighboring communities in the Vasilikos region, VTTV provided financial assistance to the residents of the Mari community this year, offering €5,500 which was given as aid for the holidays to the church committee of the Holy Church of Agios Spyridon. This specific aid will be utilized by the Mari Community Council in 2023, whenever deemed appropriate, to support the residents of the community.

In addition, VTT Vasiliko Ltd responded positively for the 8th year in a row to the request of the Parents' Association of the Zygio Primary School – Marie (Single Full Day) to cover part of the costs of the student feeding program, offering for this purpose €10000 so that it can function as a full day school for the convenience of the residents of the area.

The check was handed over by the Financial Director of VTTV, Ms. Konstantina Sotiriou, to the President of the School's Parents' Association, Mr. Antonis Antoniou, in the presence of the principal of the Zygiou-Mari Primary School (Full-Day), Ms. Margaritas Agathokleus and the community leader, Zygiou Kaka. Georgia Michail, who warmly thanked VTTV for the support it provides to our school's Parents' Association. At the same time, they underlined that with the company's financial assistance, the continuation of the school feeding program is ensured, which they described as very important and necessary for the children's well-being.

The Managing Director of VTTV, Mr. George Papanastasiou stated that the company remains a constant supporter of the local community and a helper in actions aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups and especially children. “Improving the quality of life of the residents and students of the area is a key pillar of the Corporate Social Responsibility program implemented by our company”, noted Mr. Papanastasiou. He assured, at the same time, that “VTTV, as a socially responsible company, will continue to support the members of the local community in every possible way, as it does every year and will continue to do so, offering back some of the love and support of the local community to the company”. 

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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