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Waiting for the appointment Nikola – Christodoulidis

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Nikos Christodoulidis announced his candidacy and the time for decisions for DIKO is approaching. Nikolas Papadopoulos, like the other members of the party leadership, refer to the procedures stating that there is no pre-determined decision for any candidate, while on the opposite side already in Pindarou, they have used Nikos Christodoulidis as a DIKO candidate. In any case, the reference point for further developments and decisions for the presidential elections is the meeting of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs with the president of DIKO. Backstage contacts have already taken place and this has been publicly reported by the municipal leadership. However, what will be expected to clarify the scene is the official meeting of the two sides, which is expected to take place before the final decisions are made by the collective bodies of DIKO.

In this meeting, in which it is estimated that other members of the leadership pyramid will participate besides Nikolas Papadopoulos, Nikos Christodoulidis will be invited to develop his positions on various issues, such as the Cyprus issue, the Economy, corruption issues and various others. , which are considered crucial. It is in this context that he will be asked to clarify positions such as that he remains a member of the Democratic Alarm and that he does not intend to leave. & Nbsp;

At yesterday's session of the party, the dissatisfaction of members was recorded for statements of Nikos Christodoulidis, as well as for the assassination, as it was characterized, with the speech announcing his candidacy. The opinion was also heard that he can not declare an alarm and does not want public officials to come forward but wants the support of DIKO.

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It was also noted that an agreement framework should be built on the basis of which this cooperation will be built. During this period, contacts will also be made with other independent candidates.

However, there were also opinions that & nbsp; Nikos Christodoulidis is an independent candidate and has the right to be positioned as he wishes. Beyond that, as they said, all this should be discussed with him, they should transfer their positions and it should be seen whether there can be cooperation or not in the presidential elections, within the framework of common positions and goals. They also argued that there is no delay in the decision-making process and that everything is going according to plan, indicating that several contacts were made with AKEL in the context of the cooperation effort. & nbsp;

So far no meeting of the Central Committee of DIKO has been scheduled. Most likely, this will happen after the Pancyprian Conference of AKEL, which is scheduled for June 5.

“There was no decision”, said yesterday the secretary of DIKO Athos Antoniadis in his intervention on RIK radio. “The decision of the Executive Office of DIKO determines us to continue the internal party and & nbsp; inter-party dialogue with opposition parties, independent candidates and personalities and on this basis the secretariat and the leadership of the party proceed to the implementation of the decision. In the next period, the contacts with the opposition parties will continue, contacts will be made with independent candidates and when the intra-party and inter-party dialogue is completed, we will inform the Central Committee of the party, which is the competent body to take the final decisions. “So there can be no decision,” he said. & Nbsp;

He also noted that they will discuss with Nikos Christodoulidis, as they will discuss with other candidates. “We will listen to his positions, his proposals, we will reflect and we will take a position on that. And as I said, all the data will be put before the Central Committee, which is also responsible for making the decisions. There is no decision, no agreement or pre-agreement with anyone for anything. We continue the process as defined through the party organs. “When we discuss with Mr. Christodoulidis, as well as with the others, and listen to his positions, we will be able to say even more”, he noted.

Asked to comment on the candidacy of Andreas Mavrogiannis, he stated that he is the candidate of the Left party “with which we have completed our contacts. “There was a substantive dialogue but unfortunately we did not manage to create those conditions for cooperation,” he said.

They talk about plagiarism & nbsp; in Pindarou

In Pindarou, they want to keep high the issue that arose with the copying, as they characterize it, of excerpts from Nikos Christodoulidis's speech from speeches of Ioannis Kasoulidis during the 2008 election campaign. Alarm officials characterize the whole event as plagiarism. They point out that if such a thing were found in another foreign country, it would be very large and the former Foreign Minister had to withdraw his candidacy for reasons of integrity. & Nbsp;

Yesterday, other videos were released with his common points Nikos Christodoulidis with Ioannis Kasoulidis of 2008. & nbsp;

“Hegemony, arrogant attitudes and divisive sermons are a thing of the past”, was another attack that was heard in 2008 and last week by Nikos Christodoulidis. “The governance of the country is a matter for all of us”, is another common attack.

The whole issue is expected to be “played” often by DISY, considering that with the announcement of the candidacy of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, his “deconstruction” will slowly begin.

Christodoulidis: The Government was not corrupt

Nikos Christodoulidis reiterated yesterday the position that he is a member of DISY and that it would be a lie to say the opposite. He also stated that there is no agreement with DIKO, emphasizing that his candidacy is purely independent. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs was yesterday a guest on “Sigma” television, where he was called to answer various questions for which he is criticized. He noted that the dialogue continues daily and will continue with parties that embrace his vision but also with organized groups. He added that the complete program will be published in September, which will have 4 pillars and is being prepared by teams.

“It is not a parliamentary election, but a presidential election. Given the challenges we face, an independent candidacy can bring together forces from all political arenas, society as a whole. That is why we are talking about a clearly independent candidacy, which does not depend on the support of parties “, he stated.

Responding to the criticisms and comments about his speech during the announcement of his candidacy, he stated that During the preparation, the communicator suggested the inclusion of some slogans, reports that in the process became apparent that were also used by Mr. Kasoulidis. “As soon as I realized this, there was no second choice, since the end of the cooperation, I consider what happened to be completely unprofessional. I want to be clear, this behavior was unprofessional, we are moving forward, we are continuing the dialogue “, he stated.

Nikos Christodoulidis also stated that he was a member of the Government, which he considers not to be corrupt. “He was elected for the second time in 2018 on the basis of specific achievements. Challenges have no color, the whole people faces them “.

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