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War in the Parliament for sex education-Peace fires at Nikolas

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Πoλεμος στη Β&omicron ;υλor για τη σεξουαλικor διαπαιδ&alpha ;γoγηση-Πυροβολεi κατa Νικoλα η Ε ιρorνη

The reactions of the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament were caused by the letter of the president of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, which he submitted to the meeting of the leaders and representatives of the parties, in which he requests a postponement of the vote by the Plenary of the Parliament of the proposed law of the president of the Environmental Movement , Charalambos Theopeptou, for holistic sex education in schools.

Specifically, Mr. Papadopoulos requests through his letter the postponement of the debate on the issue, causing the strong reaction of AKEL, the Environmentalists and DISY.  

It is recalled that the specific proposal of the law aims to make sexual education mandatory at all levels of education.

It is also noted that its vote was postponed by the Plenary, two weeks ago, while the proposal is scheduled to be  put up for a vote next Friday, December 2, 2022.

In her statements, after the end of the session of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, the president of the Committee, Irini Charalambidou, emphasized that the proposal of Theopeptos law “on December 2nd will be in the Plenary for a vote and everyone will assume their responsibilities in Plenary with the vote he will give or not”.

Ms. Charalambidou expressed surprise at the letter of Nikolas Papadopoulos to the Speaker of the Parliament, which as she said “is also out of the process”.< /p>

According to the president of the Human Rights Committee “everyone attended the Committee, gave their opinions, therefore if the DIKO MPs participated in the Committee and did not choose to be absent, they would know very well what the Legal Service said and what the Ministry of Education said ».

After all, he said, “there are also their written notes. Therefore, the report of Mr. Papadopoulos, that the issue should go back to the Ministry of Education and the Legal Service, I do not know what it is for, unless they now want to find reasons to postpone the passing of the specific legislation, for which I must say that the MPs also made sure that there was maximum disinformation”.

As Ms. Charalambidou added “it is the first time I have seen so much misinformation around a proposed law and I do not want to attribute it to conservatives circles, which attempt to stop the institutionalization of teaching”.

He explained that “Theopeptos' law proposal focuses on two points, the first of which is that it cannot be at the discretion of each teacher and the Ministry of Education to teach the course”.

He also said that the subject exists today in schools and if they want  to add that these are the guidelines of international organizations that should be taught.

He also said that the lesson is simply being extended to all levels from pre-primary to 3rd high school, since the children must be protected. members of the Human Rights Committee”, referring to “vulgar posts” by a member of the Education Committee.

“I honestly can't understand it. For us, the issue is considered expired. If Mr. Papadopoulos disagrees, his party and his MPs can express their disagreements in the Plenary Session, but I cannot accept that the Ministry of Education comes to so many meetings and suddenly we have to go and ask their positions again”, he said.< /p>

“I mean, what are those who send us to the Committees?” Decorative elements just to be present or are they sent to make a point? Or is there a misunderstanding that we have experienced so many times between Ministers and officials?” asked Mrs. Charalambidou.  

MP of the Environmental Movement  -Citizens Cooperation, Alexandra Attalidou said she believes the intention of this letter at this stage is simply to not pass the legislation, to note that the matter has been discussed with the Legal Service and the Ministry of Education in four sessions of the Committee.

In addition, he said that the specific proposal was pending from the previous parliamentary term and therefore they had all the time to study it and express their opinions.

“I must tell you that as the Environmentalists Movement we accepted almost all the suggestions made by our colleagues, but also the suggestions of civil society and other bodies”, he said.

Ms. Attalidou characterized the issue as ” highly political”, adding that he believes that “some executives of DIKO do not want the proposal to pass”.

I must, he noted, “I must say that maybe with the intervention of some members of the Church, which I really think is a shame, because in Cyprus we have large numbers of sexually abused children”.

According to Alexandra Attalidou “as said the Commissioner for Children's Rights and the President of Foni, Anastasia Papadopoulou, sex education is one of the  tools we have to deal with the sexual abuse of children and I think that everyone should keep this in mind and not bring other obstacles” .

He also stated that “this proposal is aimed at   the welfare and protection of our children and that is why it must be voted for by all”.      

Papadopoulos' letter

According to the letter, Mr. Papadopoulos requests, due to the seriousness of the matter, to know the opinion of the Legal Service on the proposal of a law and specifically whether constitutionality issues arise from it.

Furthermore, DIKO requests to have the clear position of the competent Ministry in relation to the proposal, as this, as it states, is not clearly reflected in its relevant report Committee. 

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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