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War in Ukraine: Russia strikes Lviv with six Cruise missiles – Preparations for battle in the city

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Russia hits military targets in Lviv of western Ukraine with high-precision cruise missiles, announced today the Russian Ministry of Defense. Russia struck a fuel depot used by Ukrainian forces near Lviv with long-range missiles and used cruise missiles to hit a factory in the city used to repair anti-aircraft systems, radar stations and shooting ranges. According to the same source. .

Russia used long-range missiles fired from the sea to destroy an S-300 missile arsenal and BUK anti-aircraft missile systems near Kyiv, he said. Russian forces also destroyed a number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the statement added.

In its own statement, the Ukrainian Air Force spoke of an attack with a total of six missiles, noting that no casualties have been reported so far. It is worth noting that the Lviv authorities announced yesterday that a suspect was arrested for espionage near one of the parts of the city that were hit by rockets.

According to Fox News, the governor of the region Maxim Kozicki He said information about the location of the attack was found on the detainee and that his mobile phone contained suspicious information about the area, as well as a video showing the rocket being aimed at its target.

In Lviv, the situation becomes nightmarish after the Russian rocket attacks on infrastructure. Residents are reportedly even being provided with masks for fear of chemical attack, while local authorities are preparing for battles in the city. It took just one day to dispel any hopes of restricting Russian military operations in eastern Ukraine , in the Donbass region, which Moscow wants “independent »And outside Ukrainian territory.

While the Kremlin announced the transition to the second phase of the operation on Friday, the Russian army finally spent the whole Saturday in attacks in northeastern Ukraine . Even if part of this targeting is attributed to Moscow 's show of strength because in neighboring Poland it was during this time that Joe Biden for an official visit, it is also clear that any target deemed strategic by the Kremlin and anywhere in Ukraine will then be launched against it. Whether it is Lviv , through which military aid passes from the West to Ukraine, or it is the control of “nuclear” targets, such as a research center in Kharkov and the occupation of the city where the Chernobyl staff live – all away from Donbass.

Even US President Biden When asked about this yesterday, he expressed doubts about whether there is a change of strategy from Moscow to its military operations in Ukraine.

shortly before or after Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba reiterated the scenario of Polish involvement in the war.

He said late Saturday night that he had met with Joe Biden earlier in the day and received assurances from the United States that Washington had no objection to Poland providing fighter jets for Ukraine's defense.

“The ball is now in Poland's court, we need fighters to find a balance in the sky,” Kuleba said, adding that Kyiv and Warsaw were looking into the matter and results were expected soon. It is recalled that in early March, the Polish government had expressed its willingness to provide all Mig-29 aircraft for the defense of Ukraine, but not directly itself, except through the United States. Washington had then refused to get involved in the process, calling the Warsaw proposal “unsustainable.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Source: politis.com.cy

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