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War in Ukraine – Tamila Kulieva: “There is no way I can even go to see my mother”

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“There is not even a way to go see my mother. She can not come either. “Diplomatic relations are very difficult at the moment”, says the actress

Tamila Koulieva gave an interview to the magazine “OK!” and spoke about the war in Ukraine as well as the grief he feels about the dramatic developments as he comes from Russia.

“There is not even a way to go see my mother. She can not come either. Diplomatic relations are very difficult at the moment. What we all expect is for this nightmare to end. I am very upset by this situation. We are all affected by what we live. “There are people dying right now,” the actress said initially.

“Above all, we want to stand with families who have lost their loved ones. Then to the people of the country who are invaders. And I say that because in Russia, too, society is divided. They are the ones who do not accept what is happening and do what they can by sending humanitarian aid, collecting signatures, and even taking to the streets. There are others who support the decision of the president (s.s. Vladimir Putin). If you ask me, I'm sorry for both them and them. Because on the one hand they are the ones who are suffering and can do virtually nothing in this country and on the other hand they are the ones who have simply lost their human characteristics. They have lost themselves. “

” The Russians are like a resin now. No one believed that this would happen and that Putin would invade. Many mistakes were made. We have all become political analysts and internationalists. I know very well the historical and political events, what happened and how we got here. But that is not the point. At the moment it is paid for by the common people and the civilian population. “People are dying and this must stop,” added Tamila Kulieva.

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