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“War of nerves” for Greek tankers after the result – A ship in an Iranian port

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The anxiety for the two Greek tankers that were captured by the guards of the Iranian revolution, last Friday, and are still in captivity, is prolonged.

The reason for the tankers “Prudent Warrior” and “Delta Poseidon”, which by order of Tehran will be led to the Iranian port of Bandarabas, where the oil will be transferred. In fact, the first of the two tankers is already in the port of Iran, while the second, the “Delta Poseidon”, remains in the same place as the result on Friday.

The crew of both ships is fine to his health. They have taken back their mobile phones to communicate with their relatives, who of course are anxious about their condition.

According to information, there were 25 crew members in Delta, two of whom are Greeks. There were 23 crew members in the Warrior, of which 8 are Greeks and one Cypriot. The landing at Delta Poseidon was made by a helicopter from which seven gunmen got off, while the landing with seven gunmen on the Prudent Warrior was the same.

The ship that remains in place since Friday, Delta Poseidon, belongs to the Delta Tankers company of Diamantis Diamantidis, while the other tanker, which has arrived in the Iranian port, is the company Polembros Shipping Limited interests of Spyros Polemis.

The dialogues at the time of the result

As the Iranian commandos set foot on the Greek ships, intense dialogues between the soldiers and the Greek sailors followed, according to Star TV.

beyond true. The Iranian commandos marked the Greek sailors with their weapons and told them to stay still and hand over control of the ship.

Guards of the Revolution: How the result happened on the two Greek ships

At first the Greek sailors thought they had to do with pirates. But eventually they were revealed to be Iranian commandos. In fact, the so-called “Guards of the Revolution” of Iran, which is an independent body from the regular army.

The regular army is the deepest state of the country and its members are among the toughest soldiers./p>

The following is the shocking dialogue between the Greek sailors and the Iranian commandos:

Iranians: Do not move. If you have weapons, hand them in now.

Crew: We are not armed. We are a merchant ship. What are you? You break the laws.

Iranians: We are the law here. Gather everyone on the bridge and immobilize the ship. Hand over your mobile phones. Turn off the wireless.

Your only contact will be us.

Crew: We have families. Do not hurt us. We are legal.

Iranians: You will not be harmed. As long as you do not create a problem. We are the army of Iran.

“They have not been harmed”

Elpida Veviaki, mother of a 30-year-old sailor on board, spoke to OPEN. “We contacted on Saturday afternoon for a very short time, the whole crew is fine. They have not been harmed. They do not know why this whole story has happened, we expect the best. On Friday, when they entered through the air with the helicopters, everyone was naturally scared, suddenly to see on the ship 18 armed is not that best. They were terrified, they took their mobile phones and told them that they were in command, later they gave them to them. “They cut off all communication with relatives, there is no internet,” he said.

He continued: “They are free inside the ship, they are not bothered, only 8 guards are left inside. They have been anchored off Iran and are tied up there. The ministry has not contacted us, we are talking to the company. Everyone is talking about retaliation, what will happen from there and then no one knows. They do not care about the people inside, they want the load. “

What the father says

In the meantime, the adventure that his son is going through who is in one of the two Greek tankers that have been occupied by the Guards of the Revolution in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Iran, said the father, Giannis Veviakis.

Specifically speaking to ANT1 on Monday morning, he said with relief that yesterday they managed to speak after they returned their mobile phones which had been removed from them initially and were informed that all our sailors are in good health.

“At first we were worried, but now we have calmed down. The child told us that they are fine, but they have not been informed about what will happen next “, said Mr. Veviakis and added,” the guards remain on the deck of the ship and control the satellite system, so we did not contact again because this It can be done only through mobile phones, but these require cards that are minimal on the ship. ” Iranians in the Persian Gulf. “The children are well, they were not abused, they were treated well. “At first we were surprised, but now we are optimistic,” he said.Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Officer Peter Stano spoke of an “unacceptable seizure” of the two Greek ships.

During a visit to the island of Ammouliani in Halkidiki, the Minister of Merchant Shipping, Giannis Plakiotakis, in order to inspect the port and make an announcement about its expansion, referred to the piracy of Greek-owned tankers from Iran. The Minister of Merchant Shipping, speaking to ERT, spoke about a blatant violation of international rules as well as the fact that these moves strengthen bilateral relations. He also referred to the communication he had with the crew members.

Paris denounces the seizure of two Greek ships from Iran

The seizure on Friday by Iran's two Greek-flagged tankers in Gulf waters is a serious violation of international law that France unequivocally condemns, a French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said today. “We call on Iran.” “France is reiterating its commitment to the rules of international law that protect the freedom of navigation and safety at sea,” the statement said. “We urge Iran to immediately stop its actions against them,” the statement concluded.

The crews of two Greek tankers are not being held and are in good health, the Iranian authorities announced yesterday.


Source: protothema.gr

Source: politis.com.cy

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