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Warning announcement of the “Fighters” to the management of Anorthosis

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<p style = The organized fans of Anorthosis issued a “warning announcement” addressed to the management of the company and the major shareholder Christos Poullaidis.

They note that Anorthosis is not measured in percentages and numbers, talk about guided articles through management leaks and stress that the company after seven years has not brought a single success other than the cup that the executives said the world won.

Detailed announcement:

Warning announcement to those who think that Anorthosis is measured in percentages:

OUR ANORTHOSIS was never measured in numbers by its proud world. Our glorious Association has always been made up of people with a FIGHTING soul and a vision for a huge club. Through this Association, people died believing in the ideals of this great IDEA.

Leave the team ONCE once, at least to claim its goals on equal terms. We are fed up with artistic failures, we are tired of guided articles through your own leaks, we are tired of ANORTHOSI being your toy. We promise that we will do everything so that soon ANORTHOSSIS FAMAGUSTA founded in 1911 will belong to its world only.

Seven years since the founding of the company you do not have to show no success, except winning the cup, which you yourself said the people took the team by the hand and lifted it to the podium. And stop living with illusions in the telephone communications between you, that “the children of the association will be fine”. It will NOT be neither the children of the association nor you.

We invite everyone, from the Board. until the last employee to dedicate themselves to the next two games that will determine where the season finds us. We will say goodbye to the rest soon…

Υ.Γ. We “measure” it in Ideas and you in shares.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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