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Washington is trying to satisfy Turkish interests in Cyprus as well…

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Η Ουασινγκτον π ροσπαθεi να ικανοποιorσει και σ&tau ;ην Κύπρο τα τουρκικΑ συμφΕροντα &hellip?

I don't know if it's a good thing or it will turn out to be very bad in the end, but the officials in Nicosia and Athens have outdone themselves in trying to prove that they are willing to solve the Cyprus is at its height, at its zenith, and it is real.

At the same time, on the other side, in Ankara and occupied Nicosia, things are even clearer: They do not accept anything other than the dichotomous settlement of the two states. And everything that our people say, the Americans, the Europeans, the sinful UN, the pro-Turkish English, and in general the whole world listens to them.

They do not accept the pro-Turkish Bizonic Bicommunal Federation (DDO) built by the demon Henry Kissinger, to set foot on the island forever, with the signature of the Greek side. But while it serves Turkey perfectly, which no longer wants it, our people have fallen in love with it. We're all for kicks, as football fans say. Or for the insane asylum, I should say. Fifty years since the cowardly Turkish invasion and with the occupationconsolidated, Nicosia and Athens, basically the entire political world in Cyprus and Greece, have nothing different to offer. They stuck to an unacceptable solution and hide behind the false excuse that it was accepted by two people… “national leaders”:

Makarios and Konstantinos Karamanlis. I honestly do not know if this is the case, if they accepted this unacceptable arrangement, but even if they had – which we cannot rule out – an entire people is obliged to follow a wrong solution, which will deliver the island to the sphere of influence of Turkey? Of course not.

The President of Cyprus is a young politician. Until last year he was just a very good diplomat based on the experience of the posts he served. I believe that there is no justification for not having presented the different. Unless he's keeping it for us as a surprise. I wish…

In the meantime, the Turks are …consistent with the partition, either through bizonism, which serves them, or through insistence on the two states. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Alexandra Papadopoulou, put it right in Washington, that Cyprus is a matter of invasion and occupation. But does this mean a change in Greek politics? At the same time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Giorgos Gerapetritis, who was also in the United States, was raising the Cypriot issue to anyone in his path. And at first he got it right, in the context of international law, until someone reminded him of the sinful Dizonika and spoiled the original narrative.

Unfortunately, neither Nicosia nor Athens shows any inclination to escape even one point from a line drawn in 1977. Just thinking about it makes one go crazy! But why;  Or they are afraid, which is more likely, so they will have to leave the work to others. But there may be something else going on, which I dare not put on paper.

Our politicians are primarily responsible for the danger, which is immediate, of Turkification of Cyprus. Beyond that, the English hate anything Greek, so they will take revenge on us, and the Americans, who created our problem with the coup against the headstrong Makarios and the Turkish invasion that followed, will not abandon them in any way and for any reason Turkish Attila. Unfortunately…

In the last two years, in Washington, we have experienced the case of Sweden – and previously Finland – joining NATO.I say it honestly, the reader cannot imagine how small a country the American superpower has shown to be in the face of Tayyip Erdogan's blackmail. We have never seen such and such a phobic syndrome. I dare say that the occupying country has degraded American diplomacy.

Personally, I never expected America to correct the tragic mistake of 1974. The Turks bled the island with Kissinger's approval. Apart from an apology from the blessed Richard Holbrooke, the American superpower not only did nothing, but also tries to satisfy Turkish interests in Cyprus. And well Americans are who they are… We expect yet another policy from our own political leaders. Fifty years after the cowardly invasion… And what do we see? The same and these. Persistence in conversations that will lead where? Where are the Turks aiming?

Postscript: The dissolving tendencies displayed by the Democratic Alarm (DISY) were expected from the moment when the previous situation, Averof Neofytou with the consent of other executives, imposed Mrs. Annita Dimitriou in the presidency, hoping that in this way they would control things in the party. Something went wrong, DISY is collapsing and the extreme right is getting stronger. Of course, DISY and ELAM are related parties, since a large part of the former are children and grandchildren of the members of EOKA 55-59 but also   of EOKA B', on whose backs Glaukos Cleridis founded the party, regardless of whether he mocked them later by supporting the pro-Turkish Annan plan. Unfortunately, the crisis in DISY revives the hopes of ELAM to emerge as a third party in the European elections, ahead of DIKO. While in Europe the extreme right behaves violently, in Cyprus it tries to present a calm and clean face. However, ELAM does not cease to be related to the Nazi Golden Dawn. Everyone I talk to on the island expresses the same concern: The rise of the extreme right is a given, and this basically shows the failure of the political forces of Cyprus. Starting with corruption…

POSTSCRIPT II: And since we are talking about corruption, I am concerned about the complacency that is observed in Cyprus (but also in Greece), unless the citizens speak at the polls about the election of the new members of the European Parliament. If voters show their displeasure with the way they vote, then we're fine, as long as they don't turn to the far right. It impresses me – and angers me – how beautifully the far-right politicians play it. They claim to be clean and a large part of the citizens believe them. Finally, governments need to get down to fighting corruption. We are hearing that the President of Cyprus has started cooperation with the American authorities. But the point is different. Let's not stop at the investigations. It is generally believed – and this is probably how things are – that the Legal Service in Cyprus and the Judiciary in Greece have not risen to the occasion. If Justice has been eroded, it is as if the foundations of the state itself have fallen…

Source: www.philenews.com

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