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WATCH: THESE are the measures recommended by guilds for accuracy

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ΔΕΙΤΕ: ΑΥΤΕ λναι τα μετρα που προτε λνουν οι συ ντεχνiες για την ακρiβεια

A comprehensive anti-inflationary policy and the implementation of policies to support low and middle incomes and vulnerable groups of the population are called for by trade unions and other civil society bodies, in a broad meeting that took place on Wednesday at the building of the SEC in Nicosia.

The meeting aimed at codifying proposals to the government to deal with inflation, contain accuracy and improve the quality of life, as stated in their announcement by the organizations SEK, PEO, DEOK, PASYDY, OELMEK, POED, OLTEK, POASO, POP, POPO, PEKPZ, KSK, PESYS, EKYSY, who participated.

According to the announcement, after the exchange of views and the universal assessment that the measures taken so far have not yielded the desired results, the organizations call again the government to define and implement a comprehensive anti-inflationary policy and implementation of policies to support the low-middle income and vulnerable groups of the population.

The measures proposed by the organizations include the reduction of the cost of electricity, through the logic of the subsidy, the reduction of fuel prices either through price subsidies, or through the reduction of taxation, taking into account that 2/3 of price are taxes, the reduction of the prices of basic consumer goods, (food and non-alcoholic beverages), by expanding the list of products that have a zero VAT rate, (e.g. meat and dairy products).

In addition, they propose the immediate taking of substantial measures to reduce lending rates, which follow a continuous upward trend after the decisions of the European Central Bank. They also note that the possibility of taxing the surplus profits accumulated in the last months by the banks should be studied, while the revenues that will be generated should be used for the benefit of social policy “which is constantly in deficit”.

< p>They also recommend effective control to combat corruption and promote transparency. “In times of high inflation it is a common phenomenon in the market, in addition to accuracy, to have cases of profiteering, misleading advertising and other types of unfair commercial practices. For this very reason, the competent Services should increase the relevant checks on the market, they say.

Still, the organizations ask for the protection of the purchasing value of incomes from the intense inflationary pressure and the reduction of economic inequalities. In this context, they request the granting of Automatic Price Adjustment (ATA) in its full form.

Finally, they request an increase in the amount of the E.E.E. with the aim of at least covering the erosion of its purchase value due to inflation.

According to the announcement, the Organizations that took part in the meeting, after expressing their displeasure at the delay observed in taking measures, call on the government to launch a concerted campaign to increase state revenues, curb tax evasion and increase the state's tax collection capacity, bearing in mind that backlogs of uncollected taxes have exceeded €3 billion.

“ Organizations have decided to immediately request a meeting with the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis to discuss the above issues, the result of which will be evaluated accordingly, they report, noting that they will proceed with a campaign to inform their members about these issues.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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