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We are making tireless efforts to end the occupation, the PtD said

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    The speech of the President of the Republic at the anniversary event for March 25 and April 1 organized by the Famagusta Restoration Association

    We are making tireless efforts to end the occupation, to liberate and reunify our homeland, said the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, in his speech, during the anniversary event for March 25 and April 1, organized on Tuesday night by the Famagusta Restoration Association at the “Antonis Papadopoulos” Stadium, in Larnaca.

    The President of the Republic stated that “the participation of the members of Anorthosis in the national games was simply a natural continuation of the ethos that characterized them and the important national work that was carried out throughout time within the Anorthosis with speeches, actions, anniversary events and much more”< /p>

    Mr. Christodoulidis said that “the political goal of the struggle, of the Union with Greece, may not have been achieved. The struggle, however, led to the end of the colonial yoke and the birth of the independent Republic of Cyprus, the most important thing we have to date”.

    The President of the Republic stated that “EOKA's struggle proved that the greatest lesson of History is that united we can achieve any goal”. He also pointed out that “we should preserve unity and solidarity, so that united and strong, with absolute respect for any different approaches, we can fight to liberate our country and reunite our homeland”.

    He emphasized that “without any exaggeration, there is not a citizen in this place, and not only that, who does not recognize the historicity of the Famagusta Restoration Society and who does not admire its more than a hundred years of activity and contribution”. At the same time, he added, “it remains an important factor in the sporting events of our country over time”.

    President Christodoulidis stated that “the President of the Cyprus Sports Organization is with us tonight so that within the framework of the relevant procedures we can proceed with the CMO essentially in the work needed for the Anorthosis Famagusta stadium”. At the same time, he clarified that “Anorthosis will be helped significantly together with the stadium of New Salamina and the National Achnas”.

    Afterwards, he noted that “as a Government, as a State, following the example of our fighters, of all those who sacrificed themselves to exist today, we, for this place to exist, are making tireless efforts to end the occupation, to liberate and reunify the homeland us. We truly feel our responsibilities towards the heroes of 1821 and 1955-’59 and declare ourselves present in every challenge”.

    He noted that “despite the difficulties, problems and challenges that are everyday, we managed to mobilize international interest in the first phase and with the appointment of the personal envoy, a ray of hope was created, so that we can achieve the goal of resuming the talks”. At the same time, he added, “we made – without exaggeration and always within the framework of our capabilities, the capabilities of a small country – our country a point of reference as a factor of stability in the wider region and of offering, providing humanitarian aid”. As he said, “we are moving forward with a specific plan, with confidence and reliability, we know what we want to achieve and with steady steps and above all political stubbornness, without drumming and with efficiency, I am sure we will achieve our goal”.

    He emphasized that “we have an obligation and a duty to speak to our children and the new generation of the country about the struggle of EOKA, about the struggles and sacrifices of all those who gave their lives for a better Cyprus, so that the Republic of Cyprus exists today. Because precisely virtue and courage require deep knowledge of our History. At the same time, he clarified that “knowing our History, teaching our children our History, the struggle of EOKA does not work under any circumstances against the efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue and reunify our homeland”. As he explained, “the viability of any solution, which we will not stop pursuing, goes largely through the respect of the historical identity of each of us and not through self-annihilation”.

    In his greeting, the Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cyprus George said that “in the midst of the critical times our national problem is going through, the National Uprising of 1821 and the national liberation struggle of EOKA of 1955-1959 are inexhaustible sources of courage and inspiration. They stimulate the fighting spirit and increase faith in the final strengthening of law in the triumph of morality and in the liberation of the currently enslaved part of our island”.

    He noted that “the occupation of our homeland, the ongoing drama of the people us, and the ominous prospects for a solution which would ensure our survival in the land of our fathers, constitute our greatest problem and hold together our hearts and our whole being”.

    He emphasized that we celebrate our national anniversaries with honor and splendor, because only “by living the national ideals and setting an example from the past is it possible to liberate our homeland”.

    The Ambassador of Greece to Cyprus, Ioannis Papameletiou, said in his greeting that “it is our duty these days to pay tribute to those who fought so that we can be free today”. It is our duty, he said, “to be inspired by the common ideals of the fighters of 1821 and the fighters of 1955-1959”.

    Mr. Papameletiou said that “these anniversaries should also be a reminder that the struggle continues today. The goal remains unfulfilled as long as the occupied territories of Cyprus groan.” He also said that “the souls of the fighters who are buried in the Imprisoned Monuments and the Tomb of the Makedonitissa cannot rest until the final liberation of Cyprus from the occupying troops through a just and sustainable solution of the Cypriot conflict in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council of United Nations”.

    He emphasized that “dichotomous solutions proposed by some not only do not contribute to stability and peace in the region, but create the conditions and fertile ground for the cultivation of new conflicts in an already turbulent neighborhood” .

    In his greeting, Andreas Sandis, President of the Anorthosis Famagusta Association, said, among other things, that “it is an obligation to honor and keep alive the memories of our Nation's struggles and the reasons for which our heroes sacrificed their lives”. .

    He noted that “Anorthosis of Famagusta from the first day of its foundation and for 113 years now, declared and declares itself present in every struggle of the Nation, paying with the blood of its members for its devotion to high ideals for which it was founded”.

    Anorthosis of Famagusta, said Mr. Santis, “a standard bearer of the efforts of the Cypriots for liberation and national restoration, did not hesitate and responded from the first moment to EOKA's call for armed resistance against the English colonialists”.

    The President of the Republic and the Archbishop of Cyprus visited and took a tour of the Anorthosis Museum and signed the relevant visitors' book.

    An artistic program was presented by the choir “Vasilefoussa » conducted by Aspasia Menelaus. Stelios Chiotis was also at the event, who performed the song “Anthem in Famagusta”. The event ended with the National Anthem.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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