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“We are small in Cyprus to judge Majic, even someone who went to the 8 of CL”

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In the best words spoke about the chairman of the arbitration committee, Milorad Majic, the former international referee, Timotheos Christofi, who was invited to the PRO-SHOW Podcast by MC Media.

Christofi stressed that in Cyprus we are “too young” to judge him while he made an indirect reference to APOEL stating that this applies even to someone who went to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Analytically what he said:

” Who Milorad Majic is, we are very young, everyone in Cyprus, everyone, even someone who went to the 8 of the Champions League, to judge him. The man whistled a Champions League final, he was the first referee to whistle an official game using the VAR but we arrived in Cyprus last year to question him if he knows from VAR. He is a man who grew up and the bombs from NATO in Yugoslavia fell next to him, I do not consider that & # 8216; chew & # 8217 ;. And knowing him, I say that it is a great blessing for Cyprus but unfortunately these people do not stay in a country for a long time. “May he stay, may he stay for three, four, five years, only in this way can the situation change.”

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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