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Monday, September 25, 2023

“We are working day and night to investigate Falgiali's murder,” the “police chief” says in the occupied territories.

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According to the Occupied Territories, in the press conference, Mr. Solgialan did not accept any questions, but only provided information regarding the investigation. The arrests, he said, began on February 12 in Karavas with two people, in whose apartment 1 pistol and 15 bullets were found.

On February 13, he continued, two Kalashnikovs were found near the scene of the murder, in the bed of a stream. Also found were 4 Kalashnikov rifles, 39 rounds of ammunition, a 9 mm pistol, a magazine of this type and 13 rounds of ammunition. The ballistics, he said, showed that the weapons were used in the killing and that this was an important element in the ongoing investigation.

Contrary to rumors that this crime will be covered up and the case will be closed, he continued: Chief of Police “, their efforts in cooperation with the General Directorate of Security of Turkey, began to yield results very quickly.

They transferred, he said, to Turkey the information that there may be links and to date, based on the evaluations of the data, 8 people are under arrest in Turkey. Mr. Solyalan added that some information in photos, photos and videos was shared with the General Directorate of Security of Turkey, whose crime investigation department investigated some elements and made a significant contribution to the investigation of the murder.

In this context, he said, 11 people are under arrest today, 8 in Turkey and 3 in the occupied territories. They have found, he added, that at least 3 people were at the crime scene at the time of the murder. At the end of the investigation, he said, the detained suspects will be taken to “court”.

The data of about 3002 people were investigated, he added, and about 100 testimonies were taken to shed light on the investigation. 80 cameras of the city monitoring system (MOBESSE) were also surveyed, through which information was also obtained.

He also clarified that only Falgiali and his driver, Demirtas, were in the vehicle at the time of the murder and that there were only two of his bodyguards in the vehicle that followed. Faljali's wife drove home in her own vehicle and passed by the crime scene 5-10 minutes later, while his children were at their home in Agios Epiktitos.

How the guns came to the occupied territories for the murder is part of the investigation, Mr. Solayalan added. He rejected what was written that one of those detained in Turkey for the murder left the pseudo-state, after he committed the crime, saluting with his hand. Mr. Solyalan said that until the man in question left the illegal airport in Tympos, a few hours after the murder, the “police” had no evidence linking him to the murder.

Criticism of the publication of visual material from the scene of the murder, Mr. Solgialan said that it is not material from the security cameras controlled by the “police”, but from private cameras and their leak to the media was done to make their own media reports.

He said, however, that an internal investigation had been launched into the leak of material to the press within the “police”.

The investigation into the murder, which was closely followed by the Turkish Cypriot press and foreign media, showed that the “police” with its knowledge, experience and skills, greatly enlightened the incident in a short time and restored trust in the eyes of the whole world and people involved in this crime, noted the “leader of of the police “.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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