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“We as veterans will criticize this – Omonia is lagging behind today…”

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The veteran football player of the greens, Sotiris Kaiafas, spoke about the exclusion of Omonia from Dinamo, speaking to SPORT FM.

“Dinamo was a better and superior team. We could not play our game. They are still principles, we will see. It seemed that the opponent was more prepared to train. We did not have the freshness we needed. Only some intervals that we had one or two opportunities, but we did not succeed. We miss the goal. I hope we will improve then “, he said initially and added:

“If it was Omonia last year, maybe things would have been different. But it is not ready yet, we are waiting for the players to be better prepared and to see. They were our best team, they qualified, we leave this game and see the sequel. If we can join the Europa League groups “.

For the goal of the groups: “We expect μας Our goal is the groups and for the team to continue from last year. Some moves have to be made, to find one or two players. An attacker who has the goal. It is not possible for the attackers not to miss opportunities. Omonia today lags behind in goal. We want the easy goal and we do not have it. We did not have the easy goal last year either. The little ones also scored some important goals. We as veterans because we do not attend training, we can not criticize to speak correctly. “We only see one game and we will criticize it.”

“With the games, you will shape Omonia. The coach will also see some gaps with the administration, to fill them. It is Juste who has not played yet, it is also the young Psaltis, it is also our right back (s.s. Sehou) who can play in the midfield… If necessary, the coach can make some moves, but whatever and to say they are still principles. We will wait… “, he added afterwards.

For the presence of the people: “The people supported the team a lot, applauded it”.

For the stadium: “We have our opinions but we can not say some things in public. We will talk again if necessary “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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