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We continue “Together in Life” for the 32nd consecutive year

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Universal Life's timeless support to PASYKAF

Συνεχiζουμε «Μαζi στη Ζωor» γι α 32η συνεχor χρονιà

With the motto “It means a lot”and the message that every contribution to PASYKAF is very important since it means support, optimism and hope, the Pan-Cypriot Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) announced the launch of the 32nd Pan-Cypriot information and financial support campaign, whose perennial sponsor is Universal Life.< /p>

In a press conference held on September 27, the president of PASYKAF Dr. Anna Achilleudis, emphasized that we continue to be “Together in life” for over 37 years, claiming daily a better quality of life for all our fellow human beings and their families facing cancer. The Executive Director of PASYKAF, Mr. Nikolas Filippou, thanking the sponsors of the campaign and all the people who generously support the Association, stated that the success of this year's campaign is of great importance to ensure the smooth operation of PASYKAF's Services and Programs. He asked for the public's contribution to reach the campaign's goal of raising €550,000, a figure that can be reached if each of us contributes at least €2.

On behalf of Universal Life, Mrs. Emilia Orfanidou emphasized the special importance of the phrase “It means a lot” stating that as a long-term sponsor of PASYKAF, Universal Life proudly observes the evolution and development of the Association, which is constantly expanding the range of services of, offering a multidimensional and vital work. He further underlined the invaluable contribution of the public to the success of the campaign, which has become an institution that, in addition to the financial support of PASYKAF, highlights the hope for a better life for our fellow cancer sufferers and their families, thus raising more and more awareness world to lovingly embrace the “Together for Life” campaign.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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