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“We demand the resignation of Kuma for the good of Cypriot football”

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Christoforos Tornaritis took to social media and continues to launch accusations against the KOP and its president.

This time, responding to a comment below his previous post , he refers to the punishments of Olympiacos players and, among other things, states that a letter will be sent to the federation on Wednesday morning and if they do not receive a response, they will complain about match manipulation and altering the result. He then emphasizes that the black and greens demand the immediate resignation of George Koumas, “for the good of Cypriot football”.

Detailed what he writes…

“The game with Paralimni was on 15/12 and the game with AEL was played on 28/12… After AEL, 2 Zachariou and 4 Sarfo served their sentences and now they put another one for us to samovar for the match that was 2 weeks before and it is played tomorrow, ie we go with 3 to 5 cards each…

This is the seriousness of this federation! Tomorrow morning there will be a letter to the KOP and if we do not receive an answer, a complaint to the competent authorities for manipulation of the game and alteration of the result.

Note we executed KOP verbal instructions for never having to play to the letter…

Current legislation:

The player has the right to play because his penalty has been imposed after the day on which the game with ENP was originally scheduled. Article VI.8 of the Announcement, p. 14, states that in the event that a match is postponed to another date, on the new day it will only be played by those players who could play on the day the match was originally played. Therefore, Sarfos and Zachariou can play normally since they caught the red one chronologically after the day when the match with ENP was originally scheduled.

We, as Olympiakos, demand the immediate resignation of Georgios Koumas for the good meaning of Cypriot Football “.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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