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We find work relatively easily in Cyprus after graduation

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We find work relatively easily in Cyprus after graduation

Theano Thiopoulou

Cyprus belongs to the countries with a high level of education, according to Eurostat, with 44.9% of the population aged 25-64 having a high level of education, 38.3% a medium level and 16.8% a low level.

National data alone cannot reveal the complete and sometimes complex picture of what is happening in EU countries. The Eurostat 2021 regional yearbook, published on Wednesday, provides a statistical overview of EU regions on a wide range of topics. including the transition from education to work. The analyzes presented are designed to highlight regional variants and similarities and, as noted, alongside health education is often considered one of the most important services.

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After finishing school or higher education, most people think about moving to the job market. Their chances of finding a job are closely linked to the knowledge and skills they acquired during their studies, according to Eurostat.

Among the 192 regions for which data are available (for mixed reporting periods covering 2018-2020), there were five regions where all recent graduates successfully found work (100%). These were Flevoland and Zeeland in the Netherlands (2020 figures), Luxembourg and its neighboring Trier region in Germany (2019 figures) and Övre Norrland in Sweden (2019 figures). In Cyprus, according to Eurostat, 78.6% of the population under the age of 34 successfully found employment (2019 data).

According to the report, however, the lowest employment rates for recent vocational training graduates were recorded in the southern regions of the EU. There were 20 regions where less than half of recent vocational training graduates had found work and these were in: Greece, southern Spain ( figures 2019), mainly southern regions of Italy, as well as French departments (figures 2019). The lowest regional employment rates of recent vocational graduates were recorded in three Italian regions: Campania (33%), Calabria (26%) and Sicily (25%).

In 2015, daily internet use among adults in the EU was 65%. This share has grown steadily, increasing by 15 percentage points by 2020. In Cyprus, daily internet users aged 16-74 were 88%, according to a Eurostat report.

Source: www.philenews.com

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