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“We know it will be difficult”

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The press conference of the coach of AEK, Davide Katala, took place today, for the game of the 7th game of the championship against Anorthosis at the “Antonis Papadopoulos” Stadium (Monday 25/10, 19:00).

The press conference was broadcast live on AEK LARNACA TV.

“We have a derby ahead of us. It's a special game, but in the locker room nothing has changed. Our goal is the same. The most important thing is that the players are focused and ready to get the result we want.

We all had doubts when we did the last minute transfers. I am very happy for all the players I have at my disposal. They train hard and I am very satisfied. They show the right character and dedication.

Each match gives three points. We focus on the game and how we will manage to get the victory. I am very satisfied with everyone. From the first day in the team, they showed that they have the right vision, to help the team. Young people work hard, and grow up. With the right way of working, they are improving day by day.

We know the importance of the derby and that it is a special match. For us, the goal is the same. To get the three points. Nothing changed in the rhythm of training. It is easier to motivate footballers. Always, the goal is the three points.
It is unbelievable that they sold out in a few days. The greater the support, the stronger we will be as a team. This will make us feel more comfortable during the race.

It is something that the numbers show. At home, Anorthosis has only won this season. They are one of the strongest teams, at home. And we have to deal with that. We know it will be difficult. We must be calm and present the best possible image to get the victory.

Thiago has been training with the team for the last two weeks. It takes time to reach 100% readiness. I see that he is in the mood to help the team. He has a vision to help us and he shows it every day. He will definitely take his time in the team.
The players are focused and you do not need to look for further motivation. We know what they need to do and what they need to do to look their best.
It will be judged in the small details. We need to be focused, especially in the set phases. There will definitely be times when we will suffer and that is where we need to be focused. We need to bring out character and personality. We want to have dominance with the ball and have personality as a team. And in defense to be focused to get the victory.
To get the victory, we need to do many good things. We should have more time in possession of the ball. In this way we will create more opportunities. Our identity does not change, we must have patience and control of the game.
For me, nothing changes. I like to live in the present and face every next game as a challenge. I want to give the players as much information as possible about the opponent. “The players will be ready, I have no doubt about that,” said the coach of the yellow and greens.

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