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We legally got the 18 passports, Melco claims

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We legally got the 18 passports, Melco claims

Affected by the reports of the Audit Office, which in its report had claimed that the naturalization of 18 casino executives and their relatives was illegal, says the company Melco, which participates in the ICRC consortium, which obtained, through offers, the license 30 years for the development and operation of the multi-themed casino-resort City of Dreams Mediterranean, in Limassol.

The consortium is expected to invest € 500 million for the construction of the casino-resort and the operation of the satellite casinos. A few days ago, Melco sent a letter to the Commission of Inquiry into the exceptional naturalizations, assuring that it would contribute in every way to the work of the committee. Melco separates its position from political entanglement in naturalizations, emphasizing that the company is not part of it.

At the same time, Melco expresses its dissatisfaction with the defamation it received, claiming that this was done without reason and cause. At the same time, she expresses her respect for the work performed by the auditor general, however, she states that she is affected by the publication of the company name by the Audit Office and the unfair, as she mentions, reports made about it.

The letter analyzes the basis on which the company relied when submitting applications for exceptional naturalization, and lists the legislation, according to which the government has the ability to reward large foreign investments in Cyprus by granting Cypriot citizenship to those involved. executives.

Specifically, the company claims that for all 18 naturalizations that took place, all legal procedures were followed. In fact, he claims that the naturalizations were granted as a reward, due to the large foreign investment in which the company proceeded. In addition, Melco notes that they have not been approached by intermediaries to have the same benefit, emphasizing that the company, for its part, has complied with the provisions of the law. He also notes that all 18 naturalization applications passed due diligence. The company claims that it paid the required fees and taxes to the state for the naturalization of its 18 executives.

Concluding, Melco emphasizes that they are the largest investors in Cyprus, noting that the casino resort has not yet opened and hundreds of jobs have been created.

The casino-resort is expected to open within the next year. It will be the largest luxury resort in Europe and is expected to attract an additional 300,000 tourists annually. 4,000 jobs were created during the construction of the casino. Also, after its operation, about 2,400 permanent jobs will be created. The contribution of the multi-thematic casino-resort to the Cypriot economy is expected to amount to € 700 million per year, after its second year of operation, an amount which is equivalent to 4% of the country's GDP.

It is worth noting that the report of the Audit Office mentions irregular procedures and the naturalization of 64 Wargaiming executives. The company claimed that the naturalization of its executives was done based on the provisions of the respective investment programs of the naturalization of the Republic of Cyprus. In fact, Wargaming had expressed its intention to provide information to the Commission of Inquiry.

In the meantime, the meetings of the Research Committee are expected to be open from next Tuesday. The former Minister of Finance, Haris Georgiadis, is expected to testify and in the coming days Archbishop Chrysostomos II and the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis will be called as witnesses.

Source: www.philenews.com

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