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We ran out of intensivists at the General Hospital of Nicosia – Attempt to transfer from abroad

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We ran out of intensivists at the General Hospital of Nicosia - Attempt to transfer from abroad

An attempt to bring intensive care specialists from abroad to Cyprus in order to assist the intensive care physicians of the Nicosia General Hospital will be made by the Ministry of Health, while the decision to grant a third dose of vaccine is expected today or Monday from the European Medicines Agency.

This was stated in statements by the General Director of the Ministry of Health Christina Giannaki, who was this morning at the walk-in vaccination center of the Cyprus State Exhibition, where by 11.00 about 600 people had been vaccinated, including, according to Ms. Giannaki, Turkish Cypriots and immigrants.

The Director General of the Ministry of Health said that until yesterday 31,000 people had been vaccinated in the walk-in vaccination centers, while another 3,000 vaccines are expected to be given today. “This program will continue and from September 1 we will start on Saturdays and afternoons to get even further vaccination,” said Ms. Giannaki.

He added that to date 77.2% have been vaccinated with the first dose and the goal is to reach 81%, while the percentage of fully vaccinated is 71.8%.

“We make a soul deposit, a lot of work to be able to cope with the various difficulties that arise on a daily basis, but we solve problems and try every day to go one step further,” said Christina Giannaki.

Referral of intensivists from abroad

Answering a question, Ms. Giannaki confirmed that an effort will be made to bring in intensivists from abroad. “This effort is important to help the intensivists in the intensive care unit of the Nicosia General Hospital,” he explained.

At the same time, 462 patients have been referred to private sector hospitals and a total of 47 patients to private sector intensive care units, where there are currently approximately 27 remaining.

“I have to say that the situation is manageable. We help the public hospitals a lot and every day we make efforts to discharge the General Hospital, because yes the hospitalizations may have dropped but the number of intubated patients remains and we also have the other patients who are non-covid and the various other surgeries that arise “, said the General Director of the Ministry of Health.

Pending an AEO decision for a third installment

Asked about the issue of the third dose of vaccine, Christina Giannaki explained that the Ministry of Health is waiting today or Monday for the decision of the European Medicines Agency and, after that, suggestions will be submitted to the Minister in order to take such decisions.

In case the green light is given by EOF, “we are ready and we will start it”, assured Ms. Giannaki, however, avoiding referring to the groups of the population from which the administration of the third dose of vaccine will begin.

Information states, however, that in case the AEO turns on the green light, the administration of the third installment will start with the elderly, who live in nursing homes.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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