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“We showed it with APOEL – I would very much like to end my career at Anorthosis” – VIDEO

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The Greek winger of “Kyria” Nikos Kaltsas was invited to the Anorthosis show on Cablenet “ANOla stin fora” on Tuesday night.

Read in detail what he said…

For the defeat by AEL: “We conceded two goals due to our own mistakes. We missed several opportunities, we had many finals, we did not take advantage of them and we lost. We must not stay in it, we must continue, and we must correct the mistakes we made in the previous five matches so that we can not make them again and win “.

Regarding the difference in home and away appearances: “It is not as much as the concentration we have away from home. And with Aris, while we did not start well the rest of the time we were good. As with AEL. We have to correct the away games and not care as much as playing well as the three points “.

For the goals of Anorthosis: “The goals are always big. It goes for both titles, championship and cup and that is where we have to focus. We also have Europe that we should not give up, but I think the goals are the two titles “.

For the pressure: “It's in the program. The team worked in the summer and continues to work to cope. I believe that so far we can and do succeed because we proved it after Belgium where we played a derby and beat APOEL by overthrow. We have the potential. “

On the competitiveness of the league: “Small teams have got big players, this is good enough for the league where there is competition, the level goes up and the big teams get stronger.”

For the world: “It is positive that he is always by our side where we play, he showed that he is by our side, even in Belgium. We want to win to be happy. There is an appreciation from the people to the person who, I realize it and I try to give 100% “.

About the atmosphere in the team:It is very good, there is joy, health. We have to show as a team how good and strong we are. “

Regarding his relations with his teammates: “I have a good relationship with all the children. I was mainly attached to the Cypriots and the Greeks, but I am close to all the children “.

On the progress in the groups: “Based on the results I think it is not positive, we lost two games but I believe that after so many years to enter such an event, even in the one we were given the opportunity, is very important for the team and for the world. “

On whether he believes that Anorthosis has hopes: “What I want to say is that we have to look at each game separately, we have four left, with Flora on Thursday I think we have to win and then build on that and wins for the rest coming, not only in the European, and the championship “.

For the fact that he is stable in his teams and does not make frequent changes: “I have not made many changes, I think it is good to be with a team for a long time, you bond and that is why I think I stayed here. I try to be good on the field, both in the games and in the training sessions and everything will go its way “.

About how he feels in his third year at Anorthosis: “I am very well at Anorthosis, it is my third year here. The first was quite good, the second was combined with a title, the third we are still at the beginning, I believe we will manage to get a title, why not both. To end my contract that ends with a good end that we say “.

On the expiration of his contract and if he wants to end his career at Anorthosis: “It would be good to end my career at Anorthosis but I think this is very future. Now the championship has started, we are in November. I would like it very much but it is not mine, I want it, it is also what the team wants “.

For being used at the end of the defense: “It was a decision of the coach, it may not be my position but if the coach chooses to play in this position I try on my part to help the team and give the 100 % for the team and to help the coach because we had an accident with Hofhanes so from my side I try to cope in this position “.

About where he finds his energy and efficiency: “Through training this comes out and I believe it also comes out in the race”.

For the good and bad moments and what lasts these three years: “There are always good and bad moments. It was bad that we made a belly in the championship last year and while we could claim it we made a belly and lost it. I keep it good that we managed in the end and won the cup after many years. I do not put it in the first year because it was stopped “.

Regarding his relationship with Ketspaia: “It is a good relationship, a professional relationship. I try to do whatever he asks me to do. I have been close to him for three years, I think we are very close “.

For the administration: “The administration has stood in the football department all the time, and the 2.5 years I have been here, they are very close to us, they have not left us any moment. They try to have what we ask for. From there and beyond we can not have anything else, to continue and I believe it will be with us in the future “.

For the most important success in his career: “The conquest of the cup with Anorthosis. It's my first title. “

If he had watched the two great successes, the qualification against Trabzonspor and the entrance to the Champions League: “I have seen videos. “I believe both events are very important, no one can single out Trabzonspor or the Champions League.”

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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