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We will lose tourists due to green energy

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We will lose tourists due to green energy

We have said it, we have suggested it and we have shown it many times in the past and together with many of them we have pointed out that it is a pity that with so much sunshine Cyprus has a problem with the production and supply of clean electricity. Now a foreign expert on the subject comes to tell us face to face in a lecture in Nicosia. The fact that he made the connection of the issue with the tourist current to Cyprus also made an impression.

Explorer Pen Hadow, famous for his successful approach to Antarctica on foot, described at a conference in the Cypriot capital the rapid changes taking place in the planet's climate change. In front of a large audience at the Municipal Theater of Nicosia, the speaker shared his experiences from his trip to the North Pole, describing in detail the changes that have taken place in the last 15 to 20 years in the ecosystem of the region, changes that affect the global climate.

The British explorer focused on the need to turn the planet to friendly sources of energy as a measure to halt the current situation. Referring to Cyprus, he strongly stated that the utilization of solar energy is a one-way street, reacting in a characteristic way to the energy planning of the Republic of Cyprus for the utilization of hydrocarbons. As he said, Cyprus has the potential to meet its energy needs by taking advantage of the almost year-round sunshine. Mr Hadow linked the shift to energy – friendly and economics, saying there would be consequences in the future if the necessary policy changes were not made. He predicted that the domestic tourism product would shrink from the reaction of tourists, mainly from northern Europe, who would turn to more environmentally friendly areas. Referring to the prospects of solar energy during a discussion with the rector of the University of Cyprus Konstantinos Christofides, he said that Cyprus can make a shift to solar energy by investing an amount close to 3 billion. He also said that Cyprus can be among the countries. those that due to climatic conditions can utilize solar energy contributing to the energy balance of the wider region.

In his speech, Pen Hadow focused on traditional energy sources whose emissions, he said, have the greatest contribution to upsetting the planet's climate balance with extreme weather events intensifying in the future if there is no change in state policy and culture. Comparing the Antarctic ecosystem 30 years ago, the British explorer has argued that over the next 50 years, the effects of global warming will extend from northern Europe to Great Britain. The speaker also referred to the impact that will have on global economic activity such as shipping.

The speaker

Pen Hadow is an explorer, and author with a wealth of work in television documentaries and books on adventure and exploration. Hadow is an Honorary Member of the Royal Geographical Society of Scotland, the British Exploration Society, the Scientific Exploration Society and the UK Explorers Club. One of the leading explorers of the Arctic Ocean, dedicated to promoting the protection of wildlife and ecosystem in the international waters around the North Pole. In 2003 he became the first person to reach the North Pole on foot without a supply, a 15-year project.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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