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Thursday, October 21, 2021

We will pay dearly for the cost of corruption

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Unfortunately, the image that Cyprus has been sending abroad in recent years, in terms of institutional issues is sick and if we can not yet realize this, then the problem is even greater. I obviously do not expect the political leaders of the country to understand this, when most of them are part of the problem, but I would expect those responsible for the current situation in the country to speak more carefully. The country is projecting a picture of disintegration on several levels and I estimate that as the end of the current government approaches, this picture will become even more intense.

We can often refer to the increase of corruption in our country and in most cases become graphic, but at the end of the day what matters most is not what the Cypriot citizens say, but what impression the foreigners have on us. And unfortunately in several cases the statements of European officials about Cyprus in terms of the former are not the best. Even worse are the messages we receive from friends and acquaintances abroad on the occasion of the new revelations of the “Pandora papers” who ask us what is happening in Cyprus.

A few days ago in the European Parliament, the MP of the Left and AKEL, George Georgiou, focused more or less on the fact that “the system is guilty” and mentioned that the problem is capitalism. Obviously, I do not think the system is responsible for our black mess. The political system, however, bears full responsibility for the shaky image we broadcast abroad because politicians simply enter politics not to offer but to reap and take advantage of situations, which is why issues of conflict of interest are constantly emerging.

On the other hand, Averof Neophytou, president of DISY, rightly said that the businessman should not be targeted. But the entrepreneurship and private initiative that some people today supposedly want to protect are the ones who are constantly undermining it. Which “businessman” should we protect? The one who is proven to be any “paper” we pick up from below or the one who “cheers” and closes our eyes? Unfortunately, the model of the liberal economy in Cyprus is under threat. Because it is not enough to invoke it and you must apply it. And because Cyprus (let some people finally understand) is not the center of the earth, the cost of corruption and entanglement will be as long-term as has happened and studied in other cases of other countries with similar problems.

Source: politis.com.cy

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