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We will show the realities, says the Turkish “ambassador” in the occupied areas for upcoming new drilling by KD

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It is our duty to show the realities to those who believe that Turkey and the pseudo-state will deviate from their path, said the Turkish “ambassador” to the occupied territories, Ali Murat Bastseri, referring to the announcement by the Republic of Cyprus that it will proceed with new drilling .

No more time should be wasted on solution models discussed and their lives ended during the endless and open negotiations on the Cyprus issue for half a century, he added, adding that Turkey and a pseudo-state would defend their rights and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to the GTP, Ali Murat Basteri's sermon on the 98th anniversary of the Turkish Republic was broadcast last night by the illegal “Bayrak”. They support, he added, the proposal for a two-state solution on the basis of sovereign equality and the equal international regime submitted by the “tdbk”, as the pseudo-state called it.

“You all know very well the importance of the step taken by tdbk a year ago on the issue of the opening of Varosi and went beyond the usual.” He expressed the belief that the region, which remained inactive for years, will be a symbol of peace and prosperity of Cyprus and not of non-solution.

Referring to the issue of the Eastern Mediterranean, Mr. Bastseri reiterated that Turkey is determined to protect its rights and interests to the end together with the pseudo-state and to stand in the way of any kind of injustice and perpetrated events.

“We want the region to be remembered for its calm, peace, stability, cooperation and prosperity,” he said. In this direction, he added, they submitted constructive proposals and proposed to seize the opportunities together, saying that the proposal for an Eastern Mediterranean Conference that will be attended by all stakeholders is an expression of their will in this direction.

The Greek Cypriot side, he said, is the one that turns a deaf ear to this proposal and all calls for cooperation, as well as to the proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side in relation to the fair sharing of hydrocarbon resources.

“In case the Greek Cypriot side, which announced that it will resume drilling this fall, takes a step in this direction, the international community will once again see who is taking unilateral action and who is increasing the tension. “Our task is to show the realities to those who think that with unilateral decisions they will be able to make Turkey and the TRNC deviate from their path,” concluded Mr. Batsieri, referring to the pseudo-state.


Source: politis.com.cy

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