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Wealth & Investment Services of Hellenic Bank

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Wealth & Investment Services of Hellenic Bank

In the past, the need to be prepared for possible unforeseen future financial setbacks was largely covered by the interest we received on deposits. Today things are not so simple, as we live in an environment of zero or even negative interest rates which continues to deteriorate due to the pandemic.

At Hellenic Bank Wealth & Investment Services , we believe that financial well-being is no longer defined only by the ability of households to save and save, but also by their ability to invest. Although the environment of zero interest rates has made investment decisions more complex, technological developments and the constant emergence of new innovative products on the market offer opportunities to investors that did not exist before.

However, despite the significant opportunities that exist today, it has been observed that people's investment behavior is influenced by investment views which are related to:

  • The fear of total loss
  • The belief that it is a difficult and complicated issue
  • The wrong focus in trying to find the “right time”
  • The view that investment is only for the rich

In the face of the prospect of increased returns, investors are usually reluctant and skeptical, often ending up making the choice that they consider safer, but which is not necessarily the most correct.

As of June 30, 2020, 60% of the global bond market had yields of less than 1% and this resulted in investors engaging in a “yield hunt” which in turn pushed them to take greater investment risk in order to benefit from potentially better returns.

It is clear that the provision of proper guidance by an Investment Advisor is now more necessary than ever, so that every investor is able to identify investment opportunities and take advantage of them, but also to recognize which investment is the most suitable to succeed. its investment objectives.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a newcomer to the investment world, a trusted investment advisor can give you the right guidance to safely navigate the world of global investment opportunities, helping you build your own portfolio.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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