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Weapons, drugs and many thousands of euros… (NEAR THE CIRCUIT OR THE POLICE)

The Police estimates that the Police is close to the dismantling of a criminal group, after the current arrests of three people and the location of pistols, bullets, methamphetamine and a large amount of money.

According to the head of the Limassol Police Department, Lefteris Kyriakou, the information that reached the law enforcement authorities spoke of a criminal group involved in drug and weapons trafficking.

After a coordinated operation, two men, aged 33 and 27, and a woman, aged 29, were arrested on Wednesday, while an arrest warrant is pending against another 27-year-old.

Specifically, in the yard of the 33-year-old's home, a pistol, 128 full cartridges, as well as 35 grams of methamphetamine were found buried and properly packed.

In the house of the wanted 27-year-old, where an investigation was carried out in the presence of his 29-year-old partner, two pistols were found in a specially shaped wooden construction, while in the house of the other 27-year-old, methamphetamine weighing one and a half kilos was found and a sum of 71,500 euros.

All those found were taken for further examination, while the three arrested were taken into custody and on Thursday are expected to be brought before a court for a detention order.

YKAN (Limassol branch) in collaboration with the Limassol TAE continue the examinations.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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