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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Wedding Chains and High School Graduation Parties – The process of tracking contacts has begun

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After some time, two chains of cases have been identified in recent days.

The 1st concerns a cluster from a party of High School graduates in the District of Nicosia and numbers 17 people, all students aged 14-15. The cluster seems to have been started by a schoolgirl who had symptoms on the day of the party and was close contact of her friend, without being declared by that time from the case.

The 2nd concerns a chain from a wedding with 6 cases from the close family circle of the bride. A list of wedding guests (approximately 350 people) is expected to be sent. The investigation continues to identify the “0” case.

From the two chains it seems that the measures and the health protocols are not applied faithfully, especially in social events, which due to their nature are considered high risk.

Despite the lifting of many measures, the risk of transmission still exists and therefore the implementation of health protocols is necessary. Also, what is observed -not only from the two custers- is the phenomenon of cases not informing their contacts in time or not declaring contacts to the Tracking Team.

Dr. Tsioutis at politis.com.cy: Cyprus at the beginning of a new pandemic outbreak

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Source: politis.com.cy

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