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Wedding tourism in Cyprus has growth prospects

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Brings in the Cypriot economy more than 100 million euros per year

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The field of wedding tourism is developing into one of the important blood donors of the Cypriot economy, which thanks to the constant efforts of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and professionals in the sector is constantly gaining ground, confirming the further development prospects of the subject tourism.

At the moment, wedding tourism brings the Cypriot economy more than 100 million euros per year. Revenues that can be increased by collective actions.

Already the simplification of civil wedding reservation procedures for tourists in Cyprus, the reduction of bureaucracy, the enchanting landscapes of our country and the professionalism with which those operating in the industry face the capital of wedding tourism, contributed a lot to its development.

One of the professionals who believed from the first moment in the dynamics of wedding tourism, was Maria Evripidis, creator of the innovative online platform for instant reservation of civil wedding dates BookYourWeddingDay.com.

In the six years of the platform's operation, 19,300 reservations were made in Cyprus and Greece, which proves that with innovative ideas, the growth prospects are unlimited.

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Something Maria Evripidis had detected from the beginning, who announced that very soon new innovations will be added to the BookYourWeddingDay.com platform that will contribute even more to the increase in bookings. “These are innovations that will help even more the hotels and the Town Halls of Cyprus to increase their bookings,” he emphasized.

At the same time, he applauds the role and support of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism in efforts to promote Cyprus as an attractive destination for wedding tourism. “The Deputy Ministry of Tourism has been and continues to be our supporter in the promotion of wedding tourism. This is very important for all of us involved in the industry, as together we can achieve the maximum with targeted efforts”. hotels in Cyprus for ten days, which are the friends and relatives traveling to Cyprus with the newlyweds. At the same time, hundreds of professionals are active in the field of tourism, catering and wedding organization for the implementation of weddings.

Speaking at the award ceremony of the Cyprus Tourism Awards 2022 where BookYourWeddingDay.com won the Gold Award in the “Strategy and Innovation” category for the second consecutive year, Maria Evripidis emphasized the importance of applying innovation in the tourism sector. “Through BookYourWeddingDay.com, we managed to create a new global market following the concept of “Blue Ocean Strategy”, i.e. turning potential competitors into partners and this makes us very proud. Also in the age of technology, there are no geographical boundaries. We can achieve a lot and reach audiences where in the past we did not have the possibility. And we have proven this in practice as our action now expands worldwide”.

The innovative mode of operation of the platform, based on the instant reservation of a date for the performance of wedding ceremonies, provides real-time information on the availability of venues and dates and eliminates waiting. Actions that contribute to its success and effectively strengthen local economies and the tourism sector, attracting a large number of visitors from abroad.

Today, in addition to the United Kingdom, Cyprus is now an attractive destination for civil weddings for brides-to-be from the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

Paphos, Ayia Napa and Ayia Napa are among the most popular areas of Cyprus that tourists choose for civil weddings Protaras.

What is BookYourWeddingDay.com

The BookYourWeddingDay.com platform was created in 2017, inspired by Maria Evripidis. A top professional with years of experience in the tourism industry, who, identifying the trends of the time and the gaps that existed in the field of wedding tourism, proceeded to create an innovative business, providing immediate solutions to Tourism Organizations from abroad as well as to couples who bookings to perform a civil wedding in Cyprus and Greece.

At the same time, through the services offered by BookYourWeddingDay.com, it supports the hotel industry, the Municipalities, the professionals involved in the organization of weddings and by extension the Cypriot economy.

BookYourWeddingDay.com initially appeared as a Cypriot patent start-up and in a very short time managed to revolutionize the wedding tourism market by creating a new global market.

Beyond Cyprus, the BookYourWeddingDay.com platform initially managed to expand in Greece, while today it is active and continues to develop worldwide.

BookYourWeddingDay.com succeeded with its professionalism in entering into partnerships with many Municipal Authorities, hotels and others venues, as well as with global travel giants such as the United Kingdom's TUI.

International recognition

Within six years of existence, the BookYourWeddingDay.com platform has received significant accolades locally and internationally. In addition, the Founder and CEO of BookYourWeddingDay.com, Maria Evripidis, was selected by the American magazine Forbes and included in the 40th anniversary edition October – November 2021 where she was presented in the article “World of Forbes” as the only representative of Cyprus. Among the awards received by BookYourWeddingDay.com are the Gold Award in the “Strategy and Innovation” category of the Cyprus Tourism Awards 2022, the Gold Award in the “Specialty Travel” category of the Greek Tourism Awards in Athens, the Gold Award in the “Strategy and Innovation” at the Cyprus Tourism Awards 2021, the Gold Award in the “Travel Offering's” category for wedding tourism and the Bronze Award in the “Strategy and Innovation” category at the Cyprus Tourism Awards 2020, the Silver Award in the “Innovation” category at the Greek Tourism Awards 2020 and the “Speciality Travel” Award at the Cyprus Tourism Awards 2019. In addition, the platform was shortlisted for the “Innovation in Travel” category of the Globe Travel Awards 2018 in London, while also receiving the “Best new company in services” award at the PAPASTRATOS START UP/SCALE-UP GREECE AWARDS 2017, in Athens. In addition, the creator of the platform, Maria Evripidis, was named Woman of the Year in the “Bank of Cyprus Innovation” category at the Madame Figaro Women of the Year Awards 2017. Awards and distinctions that highlight the innovative action of the platform, which managed to establish itself as a leader in a very short period of time , expanding its action all over the world.

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