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Wednesday: The viral series literally scares the citizens of New York (video)

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This “Thing” was terrorizing the citizens of New York, as Netflix literally sprayed it on the streets

Wednesday: Η viral σειρα τρομαζει κυρ ;ιολεκτικΑ τους πολΙτες της Νεας Υoρκης (βiντεο)

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Riana Stylianou

Ask your colleagues right now what series they are watching at the moment, and surely half will answer “Wednesday”.

It is a viral series Netflix's investigative mystery, with lots of metaphysical elements, smart humor and overall a fun series to watch for anyone who loves something darker but also romantic and fan.

The protagonist of the series is Jenna Ortega with the role of “Wednesday”, and next to her is almost never missing “The Thing”, one of the biggest mysteries of the Addams family as mentioned in the series, which is the popular hand with its own his unique personality.

This “Thing”, then, scared the citizens of New York, as Netflix literally sprayed it on the streets, to see the reactions of others.

As you will see in the video below, some laughed, some were scared, some were scared and some recognized where the strange and cute macabre moving hand came from. He even skated but also played chess, while there were also extreme reactions.

The series, which is directed by Tim Burton, already has more than 341.2 million viewing hours in its first week of release.


Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy
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