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What a joke, you atheophobes? Where are you related to a pure number?

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Πoση κοροyδα β&rho ε αθεoφοβοι; Πoθεν εσχες με ενα σκετ ο αριθμo?

Yes I know. With what you have been watching for the last few weeks with the scandal at the Monastery of St. Avvakum, it is obviously by luck that you have avoided a stroke. We didn't have enough of the scandals in political and economic circles that we have been experiencing for years, this particular one came to confirm that corruption is also in the world of the Church. But get ready for another dose of rage and outrage. From a challenge that has its roots in the Parliament.

Regards the infamous pothen esches of state officials. What has been claiming the Oscar for hypocrisy for many years. Since, to a large extent, they applied it as a pure mockery of society. Now they come to complete the taunt: They're going to give us a simple number!

When MPs realized in recent years that public anger was about to spill over, they began discussing how to give it a facelift. They took it from here, they brought it from there, they submitted proposals upon proposals and finally, yesterday, they threw us the essence of all this accumulated “wisdom”. They told us they would add up their assets, subtract their loans and debts and let us know the resulting number! This will be the wherewithal they will declare! Capital statement (capital statement)they call it…

The Tax Commissioner suggested it to them and they did not react. Don't react. Another thing they didn't want. After all, the first person who had put the idea on the table was the parliamentary representative of AKEL. All the rest, real estate, accounts, cars, etc. why should citizens be interested. The only thing they offer is the reproduction of gossip, decided the luminaries of the Parliament.

Before we touch on the essence of the most brazen and provocative taunt that is being attempted, we have to remember that for many years, when we read the antics of the parliamentarians and ministers, we were gripped in the stomach. Many of them appeared to be day laborers. With meager deposits, huge debts and almost run-down vehicles. They created the image that, after all, their salaries are not as… barbarous as we think. They can barely make ends meet, like common mortals.

The same grisly affair, repeated every few years. The same mockery of public opinion with the listing of some assets, which sometimes cause laughter and sometimes anger.

Despite all the opacity of the assets displayed by the various ministers and parliamentarians, at least they could claim that there was transparency. Even if I was in a hurry! Even this rudimentary transparency, however, they are now coming to assassinate.At a time when the barrage of successive scandals has made society infinitely suspicious of everyone. In an era where transparency is a must. And a key factor that politicians had to desire in order to hope to maintain any nuggets of credibility within society.

They will give us a plain number. This member of parliament has a property of 300,000 euros. The other with many loans, only 50,000. Not how much cash he has, not how many houses, not how many cars. What do you care? To gossip about everyone? One number and many of you are.

Alright fellow atheophobes, how much do you underestimate the intelligence of citizens? The issue has never been whether or how rich each MP is. The whole point lies in the “where”. Where did this fortune come from? How did it occur. When did it occur? Will you give a number and are you cleared?

The bottom line, atheophobes, is control. Does what you stated apply? Is this all your property or is there more? The point is that it can be checked in three years, when you next apply, no matter how much your wealth has grown. How was it acquired in these three years?

The bottom line, atheophobes, is to have an independent audit by auditors of known integrity. Not to control yourself as you do and as you ask to continue to do. Give the audit to the Auditing Service. Do you dare? And since your answer is a resounding 'no', at least cut the bullshit!


Source: 24h.com.cy

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