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What about customs duties on online purchases from the UK

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What about customs duties on online purchases from the UK

Following consumer reports of tariffs on online orders and purchases from the UK, the Commission, in response to a question, clarified today that duties did not exist, do not exist and will not exist in such orders of products from the UK.

In particular, according to the Commission and the relevant representatives Miriam Garcia Ferrer, Daniel Sheridan Ferry and the chief representative Eric Mamer, despite Brexit, due to the EU-UK trade agreement and the interim provisions, no duties exist.

However, consumers may be required to pay VAT. In addition, the zero duties apply to products originating in the UK, not to products from third countries arriving in the EU via the UK – they apply to the duties that were always in force during the first customs clearance in the EU.

Representatives of the Commission further clarify that in some cases administrative charges may apply, such as customs administration charges, so in any case orders from the UK will be more expensive.

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